If you are looking for some tips for organizing kitchen cupboards, this article will serve your needs perfectly. Browse through it and learn how to organize kitchen cupboards.

How To Organize Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchen is one of the basic rooms inside a house. It is the hearth, from where the entire family gets food and nourishment. Whether you are one of those lucky people, who have a huge room to account for kitchen or, like most of the others, have a small place to cook your meals in, it is important to organize the room properly. Otherwise, it is highly likely that you will end up spending much more time in getting to the utensils and supplies than in cooking the food. In order to help you out with organizing kitchen cupboards, we have provided a number of tips, in the lines below. Go through them and get your kitchen arranged in the best possible way.
How To Organize Kitchen Cupboards 
  • First of all, you need to give your kitchen a thorough inspection and make a list of all the things that are present in it, noting the quantity of each item as well.
  • Bring out all the items that are not related to cooking, such as light bulbs, bill receipts, phone books and cleaning supplies, and move them to another room and place, where they are more suited.
  • Get together the items that you use throughout the day i.e. on an extremely frequent basis. Put them in the drawers immediately below the kitchen counter and closest to the sink.
  • The other items will be placed, in descending order of importance, in more distant drawers. In other words, the least-used items will go in the bottom-most drawers.
  • The dishes that you use on an everyday basis will be placed on the shelves either immediately above or just below the counter and sink. This will provide them easy and fast accessibility.
  • The frequent-use items will go in front, closest to the cupboard doors. The items that are used less, in comparison, will go behind the cupboard doors, if there is room.
  • The pots and pans with lids will be stored in the cupboard or shelf area that is near the stove. Some of them can also be stored in the oven or broiler, to be removed before using the latter for cooking purposes.
  • Cooking items like crackpots, baking dishes, cook books and roaster, used on an occasional basis, will be placed in adjacent storage areas or over the refrigerator.
  • Holiday dishes or china, usually used when a guest comes over, can be kept in the china cupboard or dining room sideboard. Utility closet is another storage area that will be perfect for such items.
  • The utility cart or corner cabinet can be used for storing food items like cereal, ready-to-eat or canned foods, and snacks.

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