To help your garden fare through the winter, protecting your plants from frost becomes very necessary. Read on to know how to protect plants from cold during winter.

How To Protect Plants From Cold During Winter

Winter is always a depressing time for a gardener or a plant lover, not only because there is not much vegetation to take care of, but many existing plants die or catch diseases. Though winter is a harsh time for plants, their life and growth depends on their types, the length or severity of winter as well as the care bestowed by you. If the winters are too cold or if they last for a long time, your plants have a high possibility of being harmed. Then, some types of plants are difficult to keep alive even after extra care. Plants are like children, they need constant tending to help them grow. And, most of the time, you can save them from the frost, with some additional care and tending. Read on to know how to protect your plants from cold during the harsh winters.
Protecting Your Plants From Frost In Winters
Go For Native Plants
Plants are most familiar with their native environment and manage to take care of themselves in almost any weather that they experience there. However, changing their environment, like planting a shrub from tropical region to a tundra region, makes them susceptible to death. Therefore, it is always better to plant native trees, instead of exotic plants, to keep them from dying. While buying the plants, make sure to enquire about the ones that suit your climate and purchase accordingly.
Take Care While Planting Tender Shrubs
If you are planting tender shrubs, you need to provide them ample mulch and give proper shelter. Plant them at a place where they can stay out of the wind. Keep them in any shade, like the side of the house, near the sidewalk or anywhere they can soak up sun, but be away from the cold winds.
Provide Shelter To All Plants
Sometimes, winter can have an adverse effect on a hardy plant as well. So, make sure that you provide shelter to all your plants, in case of very cold weather or snowfall. Use blankets, tarpaulin or drop cloths to cover the plants. Put it on only at night. However, whatever you use, make sure that it doesn’t exert too much weight on the plants. Take off the cover in the morning, so that the plants get sunlight and air. It is also advisable to tie down the cloth, so as to make sure that it doesn't get blown away.
Bring The Potted Plants Indoors
If you have grown plants in pots, you can bring them inside, to prevent them from frosting. It is a very good way of keeping your plants away from the cold. You can put them in garage or anyplace where they are not exposed to cold. However, in the morning, place them outside, in the sun, once again, to provide them with sunlight and air.
Build A Greenhouse
In winter, the best place for your plants is a greenhouse. It will help them get maximum sunlight and no cold. If you can’t afford to build a green house, the best alternative would be to make a temporary frame and place a clear plastic sheet over it. You can even use straw mats to keep your plants safe. Along with that, use mulch, as it acts as an insulator, protecting the plants from frost.

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