Laundering smelly towels, using the right techniques, becomes important to get rid of the stink. Explore the article to find some valuable tips on how to stop bath towels from smelling.

How To Stop Bath Towels From Smelling

Bath towels tend to smell, especially when they are used every now and then, as the fibers of the towels retain moisture, which facilitates the growth and persistence of mold and bacteria. Not just a bad smell, the growth of these bacteria can also cause skin irritations. On top of that, the smell of bath towels can be very strong and sickening. While the best option is to not allow the towels to become moldy in the first place, it may not be possible to observe such care all the time. Read the article to find some useful tips on how to stop bath towels from smelling, using the right laundering and other tips.
Laundering Tips For Smelly Towels
Vinegar Method 
  • Put your towels in the washing machine for a thorough wash. Use very hot water to wash the towels. Add one or two cups of white vinegar in hot water. Do not add detergent or any other product at this time. Run the washer.
  • Let the washer complete a cycle and then, add detergent. Wash the towels as you clean your normal laundry, after pouring in some more hot water. Do not use any fabric softener or other product during this washing round as well.
  • Dry the cleaned towels in the dryer on a high-heat setting. Let the towels dry thoroughly before you begin using them again. Try hanging the towels in sunlight for drying. 
Ammonia Method 
  • Put your towels in the washing machine and add a moderate amount of detergent.
  • Use very hot water for cleaning the towels and make sure that you do not add fabric softener or any other product.
  • Put one cup of sudsy or clear ammonia during the rinse cycle. Let one cycle finish.
  • Once the washer stops moving, pull out the towels immediately from the machine and dry them on normal dryer settings. 
After you have washed your towels following the above mentioned vinegar or ammonia method, smell them. If they are not absolutely free of the musty smell, soak them overnight. Put the towels in the washer and add very hot water. Add one cup of ammonia and leave the towels overnight. In the morning, add a non-bleach detergent and wash the towels like your regular laundry.
Sundry Method
After every use, hang the towel in an open area with ample of sunlight to dry. Sunlight will absorb any moisture left in the towel, which is the reason behind their smelling. As direct sunlight may not be available all the time, you can also hang the towel in front of an open window. You can install a towel hanger on the wall above the window of your bathroom for this purpose.
Other Tips 
  • Spray an odor-neutralizer on your towel after every use. Odor neutralizers kill the odor causing bacteria and this will keep the smell under check.
  • Running a dehumidifier in the bathroom, when not in use, will also help remove the moisture from the towels more quickly.

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