Removing an old tree from your garden, or any other place, is a task that needs to be undertaken with care. Go through this article and know how to remove an old tree safely.

How To Remove An Old Tree

Cutting an old tree is not an act that many people relish to perform. However, there are circumstances in which it becomes necessary to do so. For instance, the tree might be dying and present the danger of falling itself, causing accidents. It might be getting too close to the power line or have become diseased. Whatever be the reason, if you feel that there is no option other than removing the old tree, from your garden or any other place, then it is advisable to follow the proper, safe procedure for the same. A lot many accidents take place because of unplanned and inappropriate cutting down of trees. If you are looking for help and want to know how to remove an old tree safely, the following instructions will prove handy.
Removing An Old Tree
Supplies Needed 
  • Chainsaw
  • Ropes (long and strong)
  • Ladder
  • Eye and Face Protection
  • Gloves 
  • If it is possible, remove some of the branches of the tree, with the help of a chainsaw, to lighten its load. While cutting down branches, make sure that you are either above them or pretty much away. Also ensure that no one is in the vicinity of the tree.
  • Now is the time to cut the tree. However, before doing that, you need to wear proper eye and face protection as well as gloves. Keep other areas of your body also covered. This will prevent any injuries from the flying chips of the tree.
  • If you have used a chainsaw before, it is good. Otherwise, it is advisable to practice on a block of wood, till the time you are sure that you would be able to operate it comfortably.
  • Place a ladder along the tree. Climb on it, taking the ropes along with you. Now, tie two ropes at the top and put the free end of the ropes in the hands of your companions.
  • With the help of chainsaw, cut a 'V' on the side you want the tree to fall. Now, repeat the process on the other sides. Make sure that your companions keep holding on to the ropes all the while.
  • As soon as the tree start tilting, pull it in the direction you want it to fall, with the help of the ropes. You can also control the speed with which the tree falls, with the help of the ropes.

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