Decorating your table doesn’t necessarily have to make a hole in your pocket. Read on to know how to decorate your table on a budget.

How To Decorate Your Table On A Budget

Everyone wants a table looking as fine as it can get. If you are among those wanting your dinner table match like those with the tables of cream de la cream of the society, you don’t have to blow big bucks on that. It is quite possible to decorate your table on a budget and just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean that your table has to look shabby or ugly. A few simple rules will help you turn a plain table into a work of art. You don’t have to test your ingenuity too much for this nor do you have to blow your budget on huge purchases. Get the perfect décor for your table on a budget, so that you can get the perfect dinner to go on it! Your guests will think you broke into your bank to set an eye-popping table arrangement that truly does credit to you. Below are some great ideas that you could use in order to give your table a beautiful look at a beautifully low price.
Tips For Decorating Your Table On A Budget 
Play Smart
There is no need to buy a huge pile of tablecloths for every occasion. You could just have two or three pretty tablecloths, and along with these, a transparent, soft plastic tablecloth. Place your cloth one first and cover it with the plastic tablecloth. This will help your tablecloth last longer. You can be more innovative by adding designs to the soft plastic with art colors. 
Keep The Centerpiece Simple
It is ideal to always keep the centerpiece simple so that it will not overwhelm the atmosphere, and so that it will blend in with the rest of your budget decoration. A simple centerpiece will also allow you to be able to see the person seated opposite you at the table. To create an inexpensive centerpiece, fill a punch bowl with an assortment of colorful gourds. You could spray paint the gourds to give it more variety – probably give it a glittery look with gold, silver, or bronze paint. Another option for an inexpensive centerpiece is to place fruits and vegetables in a pretty bowl and place it in the center. 
Use A Single Color Theme
Use a single theme for your table décor. For example, if you wish to have a “green” theme, you could opt for varying shades of green for table napkins, cutlery, and other essentials. You could also choose to have a complimentary centerpiece of pears or green apples to add a final touch. 
Try Artwork
Get your kids to create simple origami in the form of flowers, which can be placed tastefully on your table. Napkins and tissues can also be arranged to resemble flowers, pilgrim hats, or turkeys, to create a more “interesting” décor. You could also look around your home for items that can be artistically converted to decorate your table. 
Don’t Clutter
Don’t clutter up your table by setting everything in one place. You may not have expensive dinnerware. However, your table will look beautiful if you arrange the simple things you have in a tasteful way. Never use huge vases or candlesticks that will stand out on their own (apart from blocking everyone else from view). Have unity of theme by arranging smaller objects along the whole length of the table.

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