Decorating a baby nursery doesn’t have to cost a bomb. Read on to know how to decorate baby nursery on a budget.

Decorating Baby Nursery On Budget

Baby! The name itself is enough to bring joy to your heart. No other single event brings about as many changes and as much responsibility in a couple’s life as the birth of baby. Having been blessed with a baby is no less a miracle. Now who would want to think about budget? Certainly, the thought of financial matters itself may curdle your joy. You would want to bring the whole world for your baby and for the first few months with your baby, you may spend half of your hard-earned savings. However, with all the joys and elation, you should not forget that your baby is going to stay with you and you have the responsibility of making his/her life better in all ways. There is a saying that you should cut your coat according to your clothes. Remember that you need to provide your child whatever you can in your own limits, even when you are decorating your baby’s nursery. Being economical doesn’t mean being stingy and you can easily decorate your baby’s nursery beautifully with some simple tips without feeling any guilt. Decorating a baby nursery doesn’t have to cost a fortune, you just need to know few tips on how to decorate baby nursery on a budget. 
How To Decorate Baby Nursery On A Budget 
  • The first thing, which you can save money on, is wallpapers. Instead of going for wallpapers, you can use paint for coloring the nursery. And also with paints, you could use colors that your baby would love even when they grow up. One more idea would be to invite your friends for coloring the walls of the nursery. Make sure that the colors, which you use for the walls, are soothing and should have a calming effect on the baby.
  • In addition, while you are planning the decoration of the nursery, you need to plan on the theme too. Narrowing on a theme will help you decorate in a better and inexpensive way. However, before narrowing on any theme, make sure that your kids would like that even when he/she grows up.
  • For decorating the nursery, you could also draw smileys, add in wallpaper borders in bright colors etc. Let your imagination run wild and make your kid’s room special. Moreover, if you are good at handicraft, you can make various items for the room. Just make sure not to overdo it. The room should have a calming effect on the baby and not distract him/her.
  • Instead of changing the floor or carpeting the nursery with Persian carpet, you could use throw rugs. Take thick, padded rugs from the market, which are easily available and quite inexpensive and spread it in the nursery.
  • Also instead of going for all new things for your baby, you could use the hands me down stuff from other new mothers. Generally parents of more than three years old would be happy to pass along the crib, pram etc. you could even borrow the things and later give them back when they need it for their another child.
  • You could also shop from flea market and garage sales. Just make sure that whatever stuffs you buy is not too old and have only been slightly used.
  • Also when you are shopping for window coverings, aim for washable fabric. Moreover, if you are a seamstress you could sew your baby’s bedding by your own hands. That will also give a very personal touch to the nursery.
  • You don’t have to aim for matching pieces when you are shopping for the baby furniture. All you need to look at the price and the safety features.
  • Resist the temptation of planning only for infancy, for instance you may have installed a permanent drawer, which can be used only for the babies. Remember that your baby would grow up too. Remember to plan for long-term.
  • Also it is not necessary to make your baby’s nursery look like that on the catalogue or in the magazines. The most important thing, which you need to take care while you are decorating your baby’s nursery, is that it should be practical, safe, and cheery.

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