A baby girl nursery theme should concentrate on creating a soothing and warm atmosphere for the little one. Browse through this article and check out the best ideas for baby girl nursery themes.

Girl Nursery Themes

Decorating the nursery for your baby girl can be a lot of fun. In this context, theme-based decorations have become quite popular. When it comes to choosing the perfect theme for your little one's nursery, consider the budget and the size of the room. In addition, you need to pick the colors that are most appropriate for the chosen theme. If you want some bright ideas for baby girl nursery themes, this article is just for you. Go through the following lines and learn how to decorate your baby girl's room, according to the most popular nursery themes.
Baby Girl Nursery Theme Ideas
Baby's Name
Baby's name is one of the personalized nursery themes. Hang the letters in your baby's name on the walls. You may use wood, ceramic tiles or fabric letters for the purpose. In case you want to stencil your baby's name onto the wall, make use of purple, green or blue letters.
Lady Bug Nursery
One of the popular themes, the lady bug nursery is full of life! Purchase a crib set and paint lady bug designs on it. Hire a muralist to paint a mural of lady bugs on the walls as well. To complete the look, add posters to the walls. The color for this theme is baby pink.
Frog Theme
This theme involves the use of designs with frogs and their companions, such as turtle. Make use of light shades of green for the walls. You may also use wallpaper that has been patterned with the pictures of cute little frogs.
Sugar And Spice
Add warmth to your baby's nursery, by decorating it according to the sugar and spice theme. Transfer the room into a wonderful sanctuary, by adding stencil flowers, butterflies and vines on the walls. To add a soft touch to the room, make use of airy curtains. You may opt for pastel colors for the walls.
Flower Theme
Bring in the flower power to your baby's nursery, by using lime greens, oranges, pinks and bright yellows in the room. Lacy window treatments will further add to the appeal. This is one of the best themes for your baby's nursery.
Celestial Theme
The celestial theme lets your little one enter a dreamland, with celestial bodies around her. You may copy the pattern of constellations, planets, moon and stars onto the ceiling. Pastels colors, like white and blue, are perfect for this theme. Include picture frames and wall decorations, to enhance the room's appeal.
Angels And Elves
Paint clear blue sky, with clouds, on the ceiling. Decorate the walls with stencils of silver magic dust. Make use of icy lavender, pink and blue shades for the room. Add posters of angles and elves on the wall or ask a muralist to paint them for you.

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