The decorations used for a buffet table should match the chosen theme perfectly. Go through the article and check out how to decorate a buffet table.

Buffet Table Decorations

The tradition of stand-up dinner has been followed by people across many countries since generations. People arrange buffet tables gracefully, with the dishes placed in tall cake stands and beautiful centerpiece at the center. The decorations are usually kept simple, as food is kept in the focus. The decorative items may include a centerpiece or candle. If you are thinking of hosting a buffet style dinner party, read on the article and learn how to decorate a buffet table.
How To Decorate A Buffet Table 
  • The location of the buffet table is very important thing to consider. The table set up at the entrance may cause a bottleneck, in case you have more than twenty guests on the list. Place the table either against the wall or at the center of the dining room.
  • In case of a double-sided buffet, set it in such a way that your guests find it convenient to serve themselves from both sides of the table.
  • Arrange the plates at the beginning of the table. Either place the napkins beneath each plate, or keep them separately at the end of the table, along with the silverware.
  • For the desserts, keep small dishes at the beginning of the buffet table.
  • The food should be arranged in the buffet table in such an order that the guests start the meal with appetizers and salads, then move on to the main course, followed by side dishes and finally, the desserts.
  • Since it is not a sit down dinner, you should make use of tall dishes. Arrange the food on cake stands, to make the table look more attractive. Tall platters and large bowls are suitable for the stand-up dinner party.
  • Decorate the buffet table with large centerpieces. Fresh petals of flowers placed on a large bowl filled with fresh water, wreath or fruit basket, can be used as the centerpiece for the buffet table. Floating candle can also serve as the decorative item.
  • Small candle holders placed in between the dishes can increase the overall appeal of the table.
  • The color palate for the buffet table should be chosen according to the event. For instance, deep blue, black and gold are the colors for a New Year’s buffet. Stick to shades of purple and pink in case you are arranging the table for Valentine’s Day buffet. Opt for the person’s favorite color in case you are arranging the buffet table for his/her birthday party.
  • You can make the buffet table look even more attractive by introducing variations into it. You can vary the placement of dishes, and choose bright or contrasting color scheme.

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