Shampooing is one of the oldest methods used to clean heavily soiled carpets. With the tips given in this article, you will come to know how to shampoo your carpet.

How To Shampoo Carpet

Regular cleaning and maintenance of carpet is necessary to increase its lifespan. Since carpets are highly susceptible to oil spills, dirt, dust and different kinds of stains, deep cleaning becomes a process necessary to carry out occasionally. You may either hire a professional or perform the cleaning process on your own. In case if you want to do it yourself, shampooing the heavily soiled carpet pile will be the best bet. Liquid shampooing is one of the oldest methods of cleaning the carpets, which doesn’t require the assistance of a professional. With the tips and instructions given below, you will get to know more on carpet shampooing.
How to Deep Clean Carpet
Things Required 
  • Mechanically Operated Brush
  • Shampoo
  • Vacuum cleaner 
  • Remove the furniture from the room before starting the cleaning process.
  • The next step that you need to take is to vacuum the carpet thoroughly.
  • Apply the liquid shampoo on the soiled surfaces of your carpet.
  • Now, apply the mechanical brush on the area. This brush will work on the filthy portions by making a foamy detergent solution into the carpet pile.
  • If the carpet has been soiled heavily with grease, you should make use of a traffic-lane cleaner, apart from the shampoo. Instead of increasing the amount of the carpet shampoo, increase the doses of the traffic-lane cleaner, to clean the soiled areas.
  • After completing the cleaning process, allow the carpet to dry completely. You will have to wait overnight before walking on it.
  • Vacuum the carpet once again. You may now walk on your carpet, marveling on its cleanliness. 
  • Always use a mild shampoo for cleaning the carpet.
  • After shampooing the carpet, allow it to dry completely. You may also vacuum dry the carpet after a considerable amount of moisture has dried.
  • Replace the furniture only after you finish the cleaning process.
  • Follow the carpet manufacturer’s instructions while using the shampoo and the machine.
  • You may also use a wet-cleaner machine (steamer), along with a liquid shampoo for cleaning the carpet. Purchase the machine along with the cleaning product.

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