Building a windmill is a good idea to convert renewable energy into electricity, in an economical way. Check out the article and get instructions on how to build windmill.

How To Build Windmill

One of the best ways to save money on utility bills is to make use of renewable sources of energy. One such cost-effective way, to convert energy into electricity, comprises of the use of windmills. This is probably the most common method followed in windy areas of the countryside. The structure of a windmill can be easily installed at your home. All you need to know is the dimensions of the base, tower, nacelle and blades and the most appropriate materials for building the windmill. In this article, we have given systematic instructions on how to build a windmill and convert wind energy into electricity, with the help of solar panels.
Building A Windmill
Basic Components
Since the base of your windmill is its foundation, it should be strong and heavy as compared to other components of the structure. The base can be made of concrete. For a five feet high windmill, the base should be about 18 inches square and should weigh about 20 pounds.
A strong piece of 2x4-inch plastic PVC piping is required to make the tower of the windmill. You can also use other materials, but ensure that they are as strong as the PVC piping. The appropriate height of the tower is about 5 feet.
Wind Blades
The blades of the windmill are similar to those found on an airplane’s propeller, in terms of their appearance. The blades, used to capture wind energy, can be made using lightweight plastic or wood. The dimensions of the blades will depend upon the size of the tower and the base. For a windmill that is 5 feet tall, the blades should be at least 3 feet in length.
Generally, the windmill nacelle consists of a gearbox. In case of a basic windmill, a simple shaft will be sufficient to connect all the blades of the structure to the tower and allow it to spin.
After figuring out length and weight of the base as well as height of the tower and the nacelle, it is the time to set up the windmill to convert wind energy into electricity.
Installation Instructions
Install The Solar Panels
First, you need to install solar panels on your roof. Choose such a place on the roof that is exposed to the maximum amount of sunlight and where the rays strike most often. A place on the southwest-facing side of the roof will be apt for the installation of solar panels.
Erect The Tower
After the solar panels are installed, erect the tower of the windmill. The location should be a place where the wind can strike the blades of the structure, without facing hindrance from the surrounding objects.
Attach The Nacelle
Attach the nacelle to the tower of the windmill. Make sure that the length of the windmill blades is enough to catch the prevailing winds.
Final Connections
Connecting the windmill to the generator will be the next step towards converting wind power into electricity. After doing this, make final connections - wire the generator, battery and solar panels into the electrical system.

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