An elegantly-designed vintage bathroom reflects the grandeur of the particular era. Read the article to get some useful tips on the design of a vintage bathroom.

Vintage Bathroom Design

The masculine style of Edwardian and Victorian Era is in vogue even in the present times. From the living room to bedroom to kitchen, people nowadays want to see the reflection of the Vintage era everywhere in their house and bathroom is no exception. More and more people are designing their bathroom in the style that symbolizes elegance and practicality. If you want to decorate your bathroom in the vintage style and are looking for some tips in the regard, this article is just right for you. Read on to get some useful tips and ideas on vintage bathroom design.
Vintage Bathroom Design Tips
Set the vintage mood for your bathroom by illuminating it with ornamental wall sconces and chandeliers decorated with frosted glass or metal. Ceiling lights will be the best for your vintage bathroom. Be sure to choose the skylights that well complement the overall theme of the room. A stand-alone lamp is a nice option to consider, when you prepare the design for your vintage bathroom.
Every bathroom fixture should reflect the style followed in the vintage era. Therefore, you need a vintage bathtub, made of cast iron or acrylic, to fit into the décor of your room. Apart from this, you will need stainless steel fixtures. Novelty toilet seats will fit into the theme well. You can also consider faucets made of brass, copper or nickel with ceramic handles or finished in gold plating. Go for raised-panel cabinets to store the grooming products. You may also store the grooming products on shelf brackets mounted on the wall.
The accessories that you use in your vintage bathroom should enhance the aesthetic look of the place. Towel bars can be easily built along with the sink. In order to provide a cozy atmosphere for your bathroom, look for heated towel racks in the hardware shop. You may accessorize the walls with pieces of artwork. Hang old picture frames on the walls and a mirror framed in gilt.
The walls of your Victorian-style bathroom can be either wallpapered or painted. If you have decided to paint the walls, opt for shades like navy blue, with hints of black, sky blue or light green, considered the colors of vintage era.
For vintage bathrooms, tiles made of marble or porcelain seem to be the best bet. While choosing the tiles, ensure that they are in sync with the color of the bathroom walls. You may apply square tiles on half portion of the walls as well. Apart form using tiles, old Persian rugs can also be used in the bathroom.

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