Are you looking for an answer to - ‘how to get rid of mice’? Read the information provided below and get some tips for killing as well as getting rid of mice.

Getting Rid Of Mice

You were living a happy, peaceful life in your home. Suddenly, one day, you noticed unexplained holes in clothes, small spherical droppings, rustling noises every now and then, smudges on the floor along the walls, and so on. Yes, you are right! Your house has been infiltrated by mice and you need to get them out as soon as possible. Not only does a mouse do great damage to the house, it is also a carrier of numerous diseases, such as plague. Now, the next question is what to do for getting rid of the mice. As an answer to your problems, we have provided a number of tips for driving away as well as killing mice. Read on to get the complete information. 
How to Get Rid of Mice 
  • First of all, identify the reason that mice entered your house and get rid of the temptation as soon as possible.
  • Remove any and every thing that might serve as potential food source for the mice. Make sure to clean up any crumbs or spills in cupboards and put all your food items in glass or metal containers.
  • Identify the cracks and crevices that might serve as the opening for the mice, to get inside the house. Seal all of them properly.
  • Line the areas surrounding the places that you feel have been infested with mice, with mouse traps.
  • Place the traps in such a way that they are close, but perpendicular, to the walls where mice usually move.
  • Now is the time to bait the mice. Put things like peanut butter, oats or chocolate, inside the traps.
  • Check the traps on a daily basis, to see whether or not you have caught a mouse. You can also reposition them.
  • If within two days you do not catch even a single mouse, it is the time to change the location of your traps.
  • After you have caught all the mice, you can either leave them outside, far away from your house, or kill them. 
Tips for Killing Mice

The best way to kill mice is to feed them with food that has been infested with rat poison. It will kill them in no time at all. However, it is not advisable to use the poison in traps laid inside the house. This is because, if a mouse eats it and dies inside the house, you will have to waste a lot of time in looking for it. By the time you find it, the carcass would have attracted lots of flies and other insects and its smell would have spread throughout the house.

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