If planting grape vines is what you intend to do, given below are the guidelines to make your endeavor successful. Check out how to plant and grow grape vines.

Planting Grape Vines

Grape vines can be termed as one of the oldest cultivated plants throughout the world. As a fruit, they are liked by young and old alike. The juice fruit lures the food lovers with its vibrant colors, providing them a sweet, tongue-tingling taste. Due to its widespread liking and appeal, it is even used in the form of jam, jelly, juice and wine. As a matter of fact, it is grown by home gardeners as well as in mass, for commercial use. Planting and growing grape vines requires an adequate amount of preparation. The basic necessities constitute of a good planting site, hardy varieties and proper culture. To know more on how to plant grape vines, read on.
Growing Grape Vines
Site Selection
Though grape vines can grow on a variety of soils, it should be kept in mind that to produce a good yield, it is necessary for the soil to be well drained. Soils that remain continuously wet during the growing season should be avoided. Moreover, grape vines grow well in slightly acidic soil and require ample sunlight. Thus, the planting site should be away from shades, trees and bushes.
Plant Material
After the selection of the site and careful examination of the soil variety, grape vines should be purchased from a reliable garden center. The grape vine plants should be dormant and bare-root, without suffering from any virus or disease. While selecting the variety of grape vine, keep in mind a number of things, such as its application (in terms of fruit, jam, jelly, juice, or wine), winter hardiness, time of ripening, etc.

Determine the season of growing grapes in your region and prepare accordingly. Before planting the grape vines, moisten their roots with water and place them in plastic bags for about two to three hours. Dig pits in the garden slightly bigger than the root system of the plants. Set the plants into the soil to the level they are grown in nursery. Usually, they are planted in a manner such that the roots are just covered with soil. After filling the pits with soil, firm it around the plant. Grapevines should be planted at a distance of about 6 to 8 feet from each other. Moreover, the consecutive rows should lie at a distance of around 9 feet.

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