Baby proofing a bathroom is an important safety features when you have a kid around. Here’s how to baby-proof your bathroom.

Baby Proofing A Bathroom

Babies are known to get into trouble easily. Though parents keep a strict vigil on toddlers, there have been many incidents where babies have ventured into certain areas that have proved to be dangerous to them. One such area is the bathroom. It is best to baby proof your bathroom to avoid any bad accidents that may leave you feeling sorry forever. Here are some ideas that will tell you how to baby proof your bathroom and protect your little one from getting involved in any dangerous accident.
How to Baby Proof Your Bathroom 
  • Make sure you install baby proof cabinet locks in your bathroom cabinets that may contain insecticides, disinfectants, sharp objects and poisonous chemicals. This is important irrespective of the fact whether your cabinets are at a low or a high level in your bathroom.
  • Babies are usually fascinated by toilet seats so make sure you install a toilet lid lock so that the baby can’t open the lid and fall over while trying peep.
  • Make sure all your electrical points have safety covers on them. Keep any electrical appliance like hair blowers, shavers, heaters, etc. away from the reach of the baby and don’t keep them plugged on after you have used them.
  • Use non-skid mats and rugs in bathrooms and outside. If your toddler tries to stand up on them and slips by mistake, he/she may have a bad fall and may get hurt badly.
  • If you have a bath tub, make sure water is always drained out of it. Babies can hold the rim of the bath tub and topple over while trying to take a peek inside. Keep objects like candles and glasses out of reach.
  • Always keep a room thermometer in the bathroom to see if the temperature is too hot for the baby to enter. The skin of a toddler is very sensitive and can get scalded badly even if there is some amount of steam present.
  • Make sure your floor has a slip-resistant surface and if it doesn’t, consider changing it or sticking on a rugged floor paper. Even if some water is spilled on the floor, the baby will have minimal danger of slipping due to that.

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