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How To Build An Outdoor Fire Pit

Have you always wanted to build an outdoor fire pit but have wondered how to go about it? Well, fret not because in this article we will guide you on creating your very own outdoor fire pit. There are many alternatives to creating a fire pit than buying one that is ready-made.
You must be wondering what it actually takes to build fire pits for outdoor campfires or even barbequing. The answer is not a lot. For example, in terms of cost, building a wood burning pit would cost you next to nothing except a few hours of physical labor. Here is a step by step guide on creating your very own outdoor fire pit: 
  • First, pick a safe area where you would like your fire pit to be. Make sure it is placed away from any structures or objects that can catch fire. 
  • Next, insert a rod made of wood in the center of the location. Attach a 10 ½ inch string with a can spray attached tot its end. While you are holding the string, spray-paint a circle. Now, get a 22 ½ inch string and connect it to the spray can so that you can draw another circle. After the circles are drawn, dig a deep trench measuring about 10 inches deep and 12 inches wide. 
  • You need to place 2 inches of gravel in the trench so that a lining is created. After you have built the lining, make it absolutely firm to the ground. Next, cover the gravel with concrete. It is always better if you use a shovel for this purpose, which will help in eliminating the air pockets. Cover it with plastic and allow the concrete to harden which will take about a couple of days. 
  • Once the concrete is ready, use water to create mist. Then, create a manhole in the mortar, measuring 6 inches followed by another one lying against the first one.
  • After you have finished building your very own fire pit, be sure to keep safety in mind. You must keep it covered when not in use. To do this, you can use some scrap metal and cut it to fit. This will safeguard your children or pets from accidentally running into one and getting burned.

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