Building an outdoor water fountain depends upon your imagination and the way the lawn is decorated. With the steps given in the article, you will learn how to build your own outdoor fountain.

How To Build An Outdoor Fountain

Maintaining a beautiful lawn is a hobby for many home gardeners. They also experiment a lot with the landscape, when it comes to making the outdoors of their house attractive. A water fountain adds to the beauty of a lawn, especially when it is decorated beautifully and installed at the most visible place. For the inexperienced hands, building an outdoor fountain may seem to be difficult without the basic knowledge of its working. In this article, we have provided the steps on how to build an outdoor fountain. Go through the following lines and increase your knowledge.
Homemade Outdoor Water Garden
Things Required 
  • Waterproof Container
  • Pump
  • Tubing
  • Fountain Head
  • Shovel
  • Pebbles
  • Loose Dirt 
  • The first thing to consider, while building an outdoor water fountain, is the space required to establish the same. Your lawn should have enough room to accommodate the fountain. In addition, there should be an electrical outlet, for the supply of power to its pump.
  • Consider the type of water fountain you want to build - an artistic one or a simple one. This will depend upon the way your lawn is decorated as well as the existing landscape of the place. The fountain should gel with the lawn.
  • After figuring out the type of fountain you want to build, consider its design. The design can vary from the simple to the sophisticated ones. Whatever be the design, certain elements are indispensable. These include the reservoir, pump, tubing and fountain head.
  • Reservoir is built for recycling the water, which will be used by the outdoor fountain. It recycles water through a pump. The fountain then throws out the water through its "head". A waterproof container, capacious enough to hold the pump and water, will serve as a great reservoir. The size of the reservoir depends on the size of the pump and the fountain. Visit a landscape supply store to purchase it.
  • The pump works as the engine of the fountain. It pushes the water upwards, to reach the fountain head. The speed of the pump is measured in gallons of water per second. Water reaches the fountain head, from the pump, through a rubber/plastic/copper tubing. The material used for the tubing depends upon the design of the fountain. For amateurs, rubber is one of the best materials to work with.    
  • The end of the tubing forms the fountain head, through which water is finally thrown out. The fountain head can be a simple copper pipe with holes drilled into it, running through a pile of rocks and exiting directly into the reservoir. It entirely depends upon the design of the fountain. Whatever the type is, make sure that the fountain head allows water to flow back into the reservoir cleanly, so that it is recycled.
  • Assemble all the supplies, including the pump, reservoir (container) and tubing. You may also require small pebbles and loose dirt, in order to level the reservoir.
  • Using the shovel, dig a hole where you want to establish your outdoor water fountain. Make sure that you do not dig in and around areas of a gas pipeline or power supply.
  • Install the reservoir into the ground level.Pile up rocks, small pebbles or plants around the reservoir, to make it look attractive.
  • Now, install the pump. The pump should be positioned at a medium-high level.Connect the tubing to the reservoir and fountain head.
  • Once everything has been installed in place, fill the reservoir with water and switch on the pump.
  • Hide the electric cord under the rock landscaping of your lawn.
  • Your outdoor water fountain is ready!

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