Grease fire can prove to be very dangerous. Find out how to extinguish grease fire, in this article.

How To Put Out Grease Fire

Grease fire occurs when some grease gets hot and is ignited by some source. This fire become dangerous because the fuel source involved in it is a liquid that is highly dangerous. A grease fire can be very hot and can spread quickly to other rooms or other areas as well.
In this article we tell you how to put out a dangerous grease fire. Since you have a limited amount of time, just be careful not to hurt or burn yourself in the process. Safety should always be the primary concern here. 
  • No Water - This is perhaps the most important thing to remember when it comes to grease fire. The first thing people do when they see fire is put water on it; this is perhaps a natural instinct. Do not use water over burning grease, however, as it would overwhelm the whole area with blaze, in minutes.
  • Call the Fire Department - Even though you know how to put out grease fire, but it is always advisable to call the fire department. Remember, there is a certain period of time which the fire department will take to reach the spot. So, make a call as soon as you see the flames burning, so that no amount of time is wasted.
  • Pan Lid - Take a pan lid and cover the grease fire if possible and let it burn itself out. However, never use a lid that is made of glass, as glass can burst if it gets too hot. So, be careful that you use the proper lid to cover the area of the fire.
  • Baking Soda - You can also use baking soda to get rid of the grease fire. But the only problem with the baking soda method is that to get rid of a grease fire with the help of baking soda means, it will take lots of it to do the trick. If you do not have a pan lid easily available, then perhaps, you can use baking soda.
  • Fire Extinguishers - If you have fire extinguishers available, you can use it to put out the grease fire, but if the fire is in your kitchen or home, then please remember that the extinguisher will contaminate the food in your house. There are special types of fire extinguishers available for the kitchen, which are called 'Class K' fire extinguishers. These can be used in the commercial kitchens.


  • Don't carry the fire out - Please do not try and carry the fire outside by putting the burning grease inside a pan or pot as the grease can splash and this can result in you or others getting burnt as a result.
  • If your clothes catch the burning grease, then it's best to just drop to the ground and roll till the time the fire goes out. 

Extinguishing grease fire can be quite a challenge, but if done properly, it can save life and valuable property as well.

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