Microwave oven has become an indispensable appliance for the modern kitchen. Given below are some tips on cleaning microwave, read on to know how.

How To Clean A Microwave

A microwave oven is an essential electrical appliance, which is found in every household nowadays. As most of the women are working and shouldering the dual responsibilities, they are expected to do variety of things in the limited span of time and that too with dexterity. This is the major reason for the rise in demand of microwave in kitchens. It not only makes an array of tasks possible, it even saves time and effort. Thus, it is very necessary to keep it clean. Just like cooking, cleaning a microwave also does not require many resources. You can clean your oven in no time with the help of easily available items. Given below are some tips to tell you how to clean a microwave properly.
Tips to Clean a Microwave
  • Before getting started, it is important for you to loosen the grip of the dirt on your microwave. For this, fill a microwave safe glass bowl half way with water with a table spoon of white vinegar. Place this bowl inside the microwave. Turn the oven on for 5 minutes. This will steam up the walls of the microwave and will loosen the dried-on gunk.
  • After it is done, remove the glass bowl and wipe the interiors of the microwave with a clean cloth towel or paper towel.
  • Usually, the loose gunk comes off easily like this, without chemical cleaners inside the oven.
  • After this, take out the glass tray or turntable and wash it like a dish. To save effort, you can even run it through the dishwasher.
  • Another way of cleaning the microwave is by cutting a lemon in half and placing both the halves cut-side down on a microwaveable plate with a tablespoon of water.
  • Turn it on for about one minute or until the lemon is hot and the interiors of the microwave are steamy.
  • After this, you can wipe the interiors of the microwave with a kitchen paper and the turntable as above.

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