How to buy a microwave oven is a common question asked by women. To know how to buy a microwave oven, read the tips given below.

How To Buy A Microwave Oven

In today's competitive world, when women have become liberated and are mostly working, their requirements have changed with regard to kitchen items. As they do multi-tasking and shoulder various responsibilities at the same time, they can no longer slog in the kitchen for long. This has called in for the introduction of electronic kitchen accessories, which save both time and energy. Microwave oven is also such an item, which equips women quite well and even assists in cooking preparations. However, to avail the benefits of an oven one should know how to buy a microwave. For assistance, read the tips given below. 
Tips to Buy a Microwave Oven 
  • Before buying a microwave oven, consider the three basic designs. The first one is the built - in type, which is installed into the wall so that the door is flush with the wall surface. The next is over - the - range or over-the-counter microwave oven, which can be attached to an existing range or mounted on the wall or under a cabinet. Lastly, there is the countertop microwave oven, which is a stand-alone unit. It either sits on a counter or a refrigerator or any other space in the kitchen.
  • The next thing to be considered is money. It should be noted that the stand-alone microwave ovens cost comparatively less than the other varieties. The main reason behind this is the installation cost, which is negligible for a stand-alone microwave oven. For this variety, you just need to make space and plug it in. On the contrary, a built - in or an over - the - range microwave oven needs to be installed in or on the wall, and proper venting may also be needed. This increases the installation cost of these ovens.
  • Determine how powerful a microwave oven, you require. Microwave oven power is measured in watts, which ranges between 600 watts and 1400 watts. If you need to cook large quantities of food, then a more powerful microwave oven will be required. However, if your cooking requirement is just for one or two people, then you can do with a less powerful microwave oven.
  • Next thing to be taken care of is the size of the microwave oven. For cooking more food at a time, a bigger oven is required. However, it will also require more wall space or more counter space. So, you should know where you will adjust the oven, before you actually buy one.
  • A basic microwave oven should be able to cook, defrost and reheat. So before buying a microwave oven, make sure you check out that it performs at least these basic tasks.
  • After this, you can think of any extra feature that you may desire in your oven. Many microwave ovens have turntables, which rotate the food to ensure, even cooking. Recently, a new feature has been added, which is a toasting element that crisps the top surface of the food.

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