Combination lock is widely used in lockers of public places, but one needs to know the proper way to open it. Read on to find how to open combination locks.

How To Open Combination Lock

Combination locks are amongst the easiest options, through which you can keep your belongings safe and secured in a locker. The most common type of combination locks, found at most of the places, includes a round dial that can be rotated both clockwise and anticlockwise, past marks that represent numbers zero to nine. While the lock is the most reliable option for keeping your things secure, you need to know its three digit number code and the way to open it. In order to help you out, we have explained the ways to unlock combination locks, in the lines below. After that, we have also detailed the various types of combination locks that are available in the market today.
Best Way To Unlock Combination Lock 
  • Let us suppose that the unlocking code of your combination lock is 129.
  • The first step is to hold the combination lock in one hand and use the free hand to clasp the dial in the center, using the thumb and index finger.
  • The next step is to turn the dial in such a way that the vertical line above the number zero is directly proportional to the arrow mark at the top of the lock.
  • Now, twist the dial in a clockwise motion, from left to right, in three full rotations, until the number zero is once again lined up with the arrow mark.
  • Rotate the dial a little more to the right and stop when the arrow mark is pointing to the number 1.
  • Then move the dial anticlockwise from right to left past the number 2 once and stop, when it’s directly below the arrow mark on it the second time around. 
  • Twist the dial in the right side and stop when the arrow mark points to the number 9.
  • Now, pull up the shackle to open the lock. The shackle would come out easily, if the combination has been properly dialed.
Types Of Combination Locks
Multiple-Dial Locks
Multiple-dial locks are often to be seen in bicycle locks and briefcases. Many rotating discs are used, with notches cut into them. A pin is used to secure the lock, which has several teeth on it that hook into the rotating discs. The lock is opened when the notches in the disc are aligned with the teeth on the pin. However, this lock is the least secure types of combination locks, as many of these locks can be opened without the knowledge of the correct combination as well.
Single-dial Locks
Single dial locks are used on padlocks and safes. A single dial interacts with many parallel discs or cams. This type of lock is usually opened by rotating the dial clockwise to the first numeral, counterclockwise to the second numeral. This continues to happen, following an alternating fashion, until the last numeral has been reached. The cams have notches, which align when the correct combination is entered. This allows the latch to fit in and the lock is opened.
Other Combination Lock Designs
The other combination lock designs include the ones in which a user is required to enter a number on a keypad, which facilitates the entry and opening of the lock. An additional use of electronic circuitry is also required to open these locks. One of the advantages of this lock is that they can be used in large offices and the code can number can be told to all the employees, rather than handing a key to each one of them.

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