Are you looking for info on the best way to crack open a coconut? Breaking open a coconut can be easy, once you know the trick for the same. Read on to know how to open a coconut.

How To Open A Coconut

Do you want to crack open a coconut and are unable to do it? Breaking open a coconut can be quite a challenging task, unless you are aware of the best way of doing the same. Almost all of us must have had an experience with the task. There are a number of ways to crack open a coconut. However, the technique you employ for breaking it would depend on two things - the tools that you have and the amount of time at your disposal. Browse through the article below, to get information on how to break open a coconut, in the easiest and the safest way.
Method of Heating
Things Required
  • Two Oven Mitts
  • One Large Nail
  • Oven, to heat the coconut
  • Coconut
  • Hammer 
  • To open a coconut, you first need to preheat the oven at about 375 degrees.
  • Note that there are three holes on the surface of the coconut. Pierce a nail on each of the holes using a hammer and make a hole. Ensure that the nail is a clean one.
  • Once the hole is made, drain out the coconut water into a bowl.
  • After the coconut water has been drained out, put the coconut in a shallow dish and insert it into the preheated oven for a span of twenty minutes.
  • Take out the coconut from the oven when you hear a 'pop' sound. It means that the coconut has expanded, though it might not have completely spilt open yet.
  • The last step to crack open the coconut is to give it a whack. For this, smash the coconut hard on a concrete ground.
  • Make use of a knife to cut and take out the coconut content.
Common Method
Things Required
  • A meat knife or machete
  • Corkscrew, nail or screwdriver
  • Look for the eyes (the three dark spots) on the coconut and locate the softest eye of the all.
  • Punch the eye with a sharp pointed object such as a nail or a corkscrew and pour the water into a container.  
  • Hold the coconut and locate the equator (the middle) of the coconut (one side will have the tail and other will have the eyes). For more precision you make draw a line around the equator with a chalk.
  • To split open the coconut you have to tap around the equator with the blunt side of the knife (note: do not tap it with the blade). Continue tapping until the coconut cracks and opens.
Simple Method
Things Required
  • Hammer
  • Hold the coconut and start giving gentle hits around the equator. Keep on doing it until the nut cracks a little.
  • Empty the contents of coconut through the crack and give a little hard hit to split it into two halves.
Quick and Fast Method
In case you do not have a hammer or a knife, you can hit the coconut against a solid edge.
  • Hold the coconut firmly and tap it around its equator, against the corner of a hard rock or concrete edge (brick wall or stairs).
  • Continue to hit by turning it around, until it breaks open.
Freezing Method
Things Required
  • Hammer

  • Keep the coconut in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes. This separates or loosens the flesh from the shell.
  • Take the coconut out and hold it firmly. With a hammer hit the coconut around its equator as you rotate it. 
  • Continue the process till it splits into two halves. The flesh will be easier to separate as it would have slackened already (when inside the refrigerator).  
  • Now that you know the several simple methods of cracking a coconut, you can enjoy the delicious tropical fruit. You no longer need to buy canned coconut juice or preserved coconut pieces/flesh because, opening a coconut is a very easy process and can be done with the simplest of tools. 

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