Holiday decorating helps you to provide a festive look to your surroundings. Check out the holiday decorating tips and ideas given below.

Holiday Decorating

Holiday decorating is all about giving your space a holiday look. When everything around is in a festive and joyous mood, your house and its surroundings should also exude the same. In effect, opt for some exciting holiday decorating ideas to spruce up your home décor. This will not only uplift your spirits, but will also prepare you for the festive season. There are a number of ways in which you can decorate your house for holidays, such as using greenery corresponding to the season, appropriate usage of colors and holiday themes. To know more about holiday decorating, read the tips given in the following lines.
Holiday Decorating Ideas and Tips 
  • Adding flowers to your décor is the best way to decorate your place during holidays. You can use clove-studded oranges and silver bells, along with vibrant colored poinsettias, daisies, brilliant white amaryllis, and narcissi. You can also use roses, carnations, tulips, lilies and chrysanthemums to provide that holiday look to any area of your space. Red and white flowers are the sure shot signs of festivity.
  • Candles are yet other items that can be used for holiday decorating. They can be of various shapes and sizes, to suit your needs. Make use of either decorative candles without scent or the ones that exude a pleasant floral aroma. You may complement the candles either with appropriate candle holders or with evergreens, ribbons or small ornaments.
  • You can display varied wine glasses either on the mantle or on a table. At the base of the glasses, small colored votive candles can be placed.
  • As a holiday centerpiece, you can place a small vase of flowers inside a scooped out pumpkin. Another option is to make use of a beautiful mid-sized wreath as the centerpiece.
  • One of the unique centerpieces can be prepared by freezing water into different sized cartons and then laying them on a dish. After this, votive candles of varying sizes can be placed between the ice blocks, so that the entire thing creates the effect of floating candles.
  • You can make a beautiful centerpiece for your dining or coffee table, with the help of few inexpensive glass balls. All you need to do is place them in a bowl and adorn them with a few sprigs of greenery or colorful satin ribbons.
  • Add an inexpensive window display by wrapping miniature holiday lights and garlands around a holiday form, such as wreath, bells, etc.
  • You can even paint your windows beautifully. Mix dishwashing soap in the paint, before painting the windows. For removing, simply scrape it off with a blade.
  • The curtains, pillow covers and table cloth should well complement the overall theme of your rooms. Beautiful curtains with floral patterns would serve the purpose. In case of carpeted floor, ensure that the design and patterns of the rugs are in sync with the home décor.
  • For wall hangings, you can use anything ranging from beautiful art pieces to paintings to small-sized decorative patchwork.

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