Are you looking for ideas for bedroom decoration using garden theme? The search ends here. Read on to get ideas for decorating with a garden theme.

Decorating With A Garden Theme

Decorating a bedroom with garden theme is an interesting prospect. It serves as a great way to appreciate the beauty of nature and also makes the room comfortable, cozy and lively. The decoration should be just right to enhance the beauty of nature inside the comforts of your home. Flowers, grass, shrub, trees and creepers would go a long way to make your bedroom a visual treat. However, the decoration should be simple and inviting. Explore what tips you need to keep in mind while decorating with a garden theme.
Bedroom Decoration Garden Theme
Right Paint
The first step to decorate a bedroom with a garden theme is painting the room in subtle shades that reflect nature. Colors like green, pink, lavender and lemon yellow go very well together. While the walls can be base coated with lovely shades of green color, pink or lavender can be used as highlighters to match the garden theme. The colors compliment the theme perfectly and make the room look comfortable, cozy, and inviting, like a real garden.
Garden Fence Headboard
A fence headboard makes the room much more inviting. Fence, popularly, signifies garden borders. It would add to the decoration and will also be easy on pocket. Choose a small part of wood fence and paint it white. Place the white fence on the area behind the head of the bed. The white fence is an easy way to decorate the room and help you give it the perfect garden look.
Stenciled Flower Designs
While you have added the garden look with fence, using colors would brighten it. Enliven the room with stenciled flowers and plants. You can either draw them, if you have an artistic hand, or buy them from a store. Do not use too many colors; instead, choose on a couple of shades. This would add to realism to the room. You can also use paint such flowers on the headboard, doors, bedrails, etc.
Craft Foam Cutouts
You can even resort to homemade craft flowers. Craft foam sheets are available in varying thickness and colors, and make up ideal craft material to decorate a garden bedroom. They give a vibrant look to the décor of the room, are cheap and can be found easily. You can choose to depict flowers, butterflies, ladybugs or anything that is related to gardening, through the foam sheets.
On the Bed
While you have decorated the room, it is now time to adorn the bed. The bedcover, bed sheet and even pillow should complement the theme of your room. Opt for linen in floral prints, as they enhance the beauty of the room. These days, there is a wide variety in cushion patterns too. Choose a flower pillow or the one that has butterfly shape. Fine detailing will add to the look of the room.
Lights and Hanging Flowers
Complete the look of the room with bright lights and hanging flowers. Light up the garden bedroom with strings of cool white lights, wrapped in artificial flowers. This might look a difficult task, but is fairly simple. Attach the flowers to the strings of lights with narrow-gauge wire or invisible thread. The placement of lights is an important part of decorating the whole room. Place the lights around a window, around the headboard of the bed or along the wall at the ceiling. Such detailing will surely help you create an impressive room.

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