Painting an interior door of your house can be real fun. To know how to paint interior doors, follow the tips given below.

How To Paint Interior Doors

If the old color of your room’s door has become a sore in your eyes, then do not think much and put your old pants on, to give it a completely new look. Yes, you can change the look of your room and your door entirely, by just painting it with a different color. Enhance your room by painting your doors in an attractive color. For this, you do not need a professional, as it can be easily done at home without any help and much effort. All you need is a primer, paint, brush, some old rag and screwdriver, teamed with spirit. In case you are still wondering about how to paint doors in the interior of your house, given below are some tips and easy steps, following which you will be able to carry out the task without any hassle.
Painting Interior Door
Supplies Needed 
  • Screwdriver
  • Newspaper Sheets/ Painter's Cloth
  • Sawhorses
  • Sponge
  • Lint-free Rag
  • White Acrylic Primer
  • Paint
  • Paint Brush 
  • Before you start painting the door of your room, take out the doorknob and all other additional hardware attached to it.
  • After this, with the help of a screwdriver, remove the door from the hinges.
  • Lay newspaper sheets or a painter's cloth on the floor, to prevent the area from getting soiled. Set up a pair of sawhorses and place the door across them.
  • Wipe and clean the door with a wet, clean sponge. Now, dry the door surface with a clean lint-free rag or leave it unattended for sometime.
  • After the door has completely dried, brush on a white acrylic primer. Begin with the edges and then prime the entire door surface. Work from top to bottom, following the direction of the grain.
  • Allow the primer to dry, leaving it overnight.
  • Now, begin painting with the edges, starting in the top corner of the door surface. Use up and down brush strokes, in accordance with the direction of the grain. Allow it to dry. Apply a second coat of paint, if necessary.
  • Flip the door and repeat the same primer and painting process on this surface as well.
  • After the paint dries completely on both sides, fix the door and attach the doorknob and other hardware.
  • To make your door attractive and easy to clean, choose semi-gloss or glossy latex paints.
  • Avoid applying too much paint on the doors, as this can cause the excess paint to pool.
  • Be sure not to re-hang or close the door, unless the paint has dried off completely.
  • While painting flush doors, first roll on the paint with a lint-free cover and then brush in the direction of the grain.
  • Use the following order while painting doors with inset panels: recesses, panels, horizontal rails and vertical stiles.
  • When painting wooden doors, first check if they need any repair, for wide cracks, holes or deep dents. If yes, use a good-quality wood putty to fix the door.

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