If you have a dishwasher, read on to find out how to child proof a dishwasher.

Child Proof A Dishwasher

A device which is used to clean the dishes and eating utensils is called a dishwasher. They can generally be found in restaurants and even in the kitchens of many households. It is necessary to safeguard the dishwasher from children who can get hurt unknowingly if the dishwasher is not properly stored. To know how to child proof a dishwasher, read on. 
  1. Lock and Latch: One can lock and latch the dishwasher so that children don't get hurt while trying to mess with the appliance. You can use a simple appliance lock that is available at all the leading stores. It is basically a plastic strap where one needs to stick one side of the cabinet next to the dishwasher and other side to the dishwasher itself.
  2. Dial: Another innovative but effective way of child proofing a dishwasher is to actually taking the dial of the dishwasher out when it is not in use. You never know what can happen if the child mistakenly starts the dishwasher, hence it’s better to just take off the knob when the dishwasher is not in use.
  3. Close the Door: This sounds obvious but it is alarming to know how many people actually forget to close the door of the dishwasher after they are done with it. Make sure that the door is closed tightly. Whenever you are not using the dishwasher, close the door and remember to lock it as well. Small children can get hold of sharp edged utensils or put dishwasher detergent into their mouths.
  4. Strong and Stable Door and Hinges: Make sure that the dishwasher that you have has strong door and hinges. Be sure that the door remains where you leave it and does not move around freely. Also, it helps to know how much weight the door hinges can hold. There are some dishwashers in the market whose hinges can hold as much as 120 pounds. So, if by chance a child climbs on the door, it helps to have a strong hinge which would not crush under pressure.
  5. Heating Element: If you are getting a new dishwasher, please make sure that the heating element on the dishwasher is built-in and not exposed. Children cannot burn themselves and leftovers cannot get stuck or burned from an exposed heating element in this way. 
It is very important to take proper care to make sure that the dishwasher that you use is properly kept and away from the reach of small children.

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