The home remedies given here will help solve the question of ‘how to get rid of termites. Read on and get the best tips for treating as well as killing termites.

How To Get Rid Of Termites

Those who have built their house mainly from wood or have too many wooden structures in their home have to face one major problem, that of termites. They can destroy the home so gradually that you will hardly come to know of it, till the time major loss has been done. One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to use termite-resistant building materials, whenever possible. In case you have failed to do this, it is better to inspect your house on a regular basis, for any traces of termites, and take preventive measures. If and when you find those nasty creatures, take steps for killing them. In the following lines, we have provided certain tips on termite treatment.
How to Get Rid of Termites
  • First of all check the ground floor of your house, for any structural wood damage, with the help of a flashlight.
  • Pay extra attention below the exterior doors as well as on the areas where the foundation meets the walls.
  • In case you find no visible damage, take a large screwdriver and whack the wood with its heel.
  • With the help of a heavy-duty awl, check out the areas, mentioned above, for any hollowed-out wood.
  • Now, start looking for very small droppings that are tan, reddish-brown or black in color.
  • Inspect the foundation walls, inside and out, for any mud tubes that might be the passageway of the subterranean termites, from soil to wood. 
Getting Rid of Termites
After you have spotted termites, it is the time to take steps to get rid of them. 
  • Since termites thrive on moist soil, the first step should be to eliminate persistently moist soil near your home.
  • Next, target the standing water in and around your house and get rid of it completely.
  • If you have crawl spaces under foundations, place 6mm polyethylene films there. They will serve as a moisture barrier between the soil and sub-floor framing.
  • Take steps to ensure that the foundation wall vents have good cross-ventilation. This hill help keep the crawl spaces as dry as possible.
  • In order to maintain a good draining system, slope all exterior grades away from wood structures.
  • The plants that are close to your home should be pruned back. This will help prevent moisture and mold buildup on wood walls.
  • If you have a garden, make sure to water away from home. At the same time, adjust the sprinklers in such a way that they do not spray water directly onto wood walls and siding.
  • Using a weather sealer, seal all the wooden items that get exposed to moisture. Pay special emphasis on exterior window frames and the bottom of wall edges.
  • Move all wood scraps and debris as far away from the wood structures as possible.
  • The space under fence posts, patios and steps should be filled with sand barriers, as termites cannot tunnel through sand.
  • Around the wood structures, dig 4-inch deep and 6-inch wide trenches. Fill them with 16-grit sand.
  • The broken seals in foundations and patios need to be repaired, while the cracks need to be filled.
  • Repair any water leaks or dripping outside faucets.
  • Remove or elevate the wood structures that come in direct contact with soil, such as a stack of firewood. 
How to Kill Termites 
  • You can get the liquid termite treatment sprayed inside your house.
  • Termite baits, placed around your home, will gradually kill all the termites.
  • Borate termite treatment is directly applied on the wood and is best used at the time of construction of the house.

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