To know how to get rid of mosquitoes read the article. Given below are some tips to for getting rid of mosquitoes.

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Apart from the scorching heat of the sun, the summers bring along with it a wave of mosquitoes as well. It is the most dreadful season of the year, as the thought of those itchy and swollen mosquito bites is enough to send shivers in your body. Though the pain and irritation caused by these small bites is still tolerable, the fact that mosquitoes are the potent carriers of various diseases is simply unavoidable. As the females of most of the species of mosquitoes suck blood, they transport the bacteria of some hazardous diseases into the human body. Malaria and dengue are the names of some common diseases spread by mosquito bites. Thus, getting rid of them is very important. To know how to get rid of mosquitoes, read on.
Tips To Get Rid of Mosquitoes 
  • For repelling mosquitoes, buy catnip oil-based repellant, as it is safe for humans. Apply it over all the exposed parts of your body.
  • Use mosquito nets while sleeping, for protecting yourself from itchy mosquito bites.
  • You can also make use of mosquito repellant mats or liquidators for getting rid of mosquitoes.
  • Pure vanilla extract is also helpful in keeping mosquitoes away. Just apply the extract on pulse points and sleep well.
  • You can even use mosquito sprays available in the market to kill them. However, make sure they do not contain DEET.
  • You can also burn a citronella candle or torch. The smoke in the air will help keep away mosquitoes.
  • Mix equal amounts of flat beer, antiseptic mouthwash and Epsom salt. Fill this mixture in a spray bottle and spray in the area having mosquitoes.
  • If you want to get rid of the mosquitoes around you, get a bit active. Start running or doing something that makes you sweat. As you start sweating, the mosquitoes around you will start to run away as well.
  • Fill a spray bottle half with water and use Listerine mouthwash to fill the rest half. When you see mosquitoes around you, spray it in the air or at a distance on your body.
  • If you keep the air around you in a motion, the mosquitoes will stay away from you. For the purpose, you can make use of a ceiling fan, hand fan or even an air cooler.
  • Try to minimize the use of floral fragrant perfumes, scented sunscreens, perfumed hair products, and floral fragrances from dryer sheets and fabric softeners. All these things attract mosquitoes.
  • Foods that contain a high amount of salt and potassium make the body release a greater amount of lactic acid, which attracts mosquitoes. So, it is advisable to bring down the intake of these foods as much as possible.
  • You can also try spreading crushed leaves of lemon thyme, lemongrass, lemon balm, wormwood, and Pelargonium, wherever you spend your time. The leaves of these plants prove to be a natural mosquito repellent.
  • Avoid wearing dark-colored clothes, such as black, navy blue, bottle green, etc. All these colors attract mosquitoes.

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