Spiders are usually feared by many people and many won’t hesitate to kill one as soon as they spot it. Check out different tips and ways for killing spiders.

How To Kill Spiders

The very mention of spiders can make many people get jitters. Be it inside the home, or in a garden, or outside in a building, the very sight of a spider can make some people scream and run away! Contrary to popular belief, most spiders are harmless to humans. Many people resort to finding a bottle of insecticide and spraying almost the entire content out on a tiny spider! This may lead to huge ugly blots on your recently painted walls and make you feel all the more dejected. Want to know different ways for killing spiders? In the following lines, you will find different tips on how to kill spiders. Read on and get information on ways for killing spiders.
Tips to Kill Spiders 
  • Most spiders are spotted when they are on a place that is virtually unreachable like the ceiling or the top of a window sill. Get a vacuum cleaner and turn on the nozzle. Take it close to the spider and make sure the insect is sucked in. Keep it running for sometime and then turn it off. Check the nozzle and the bag and clean it up after your ‘extermination’!
  • Take a long stick and tie a rag cloth to its end. Aim it at the place where the spider is and press it down firmly. Spiders are usually sturdier than ants and cockroaches, so make sure you press it quite firmly. Slightly move the stick from the top of the spider and see if it is dead. Clean up the area and clean up the cloth and the stick.
  • Clean up clutter in your room. Clean the window sills and the corners of the door. These are favorite areas for spiders to infest and hide. Once you clean up the clutter and dirt, you will get rid off spiders naturally and wouldn’t have to worry about killing them.
  • The best resort is to get a bottle of pest-killing solution or common household insecticide and spray it slightly on the spider. It will crawl across the wall before it falls down and dies.

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