There are many people in this world who have an extension ladder, but do not know how to use it. Use the tips given below and learn about using extension ladders.

How To Use An Extension Ladder

In this world of highly expensive manual labor, it has become very necessary to do atleast the small, insignificant jobs by yourself. As long as the job is to be done on the ground, there is no problem. However, in case you need to fix something on the ceiling or higher up a wall, there comes the need for an extension ladder. Using an extension ladder is not at all difficult, provided you exercise the perfect caution and follow the right steps. For all those who are planning to use an extension ladder for the first time, help is at hand. In the following lines, we have provided tips to help you in using an extension ladder.
How to Use an Extension Ladder 
  • First of all, extend the ladder at least 3 feet beyond the length that is required for doing the work.
  • Now, put the rung locks in place, in such a way that the top part doesn't slide down when you're erecting it.
  • In the next step, lay the ladder on the ground. Thereafter, place its base firmly against the wall.
  • Move towards the top of the ladder, lift it, get underneath and gradually raise it, as you walk toward the wall.
  • Lifting the base of the ladder, move it away from the wall. Make sure that the distance between the ladder and the wall is equal to 1/4th of the ladder's height.
  • Climb up the ladder, making use of both the hands. In case you have to carry something, face the ladder and hold with one hand.
  • Start doing your work, making sure to maintain the balance. Do not put too much weight on a particular side.
  • After the work is over, climb down the ladder, again holding it with both the hands and placing the feet securely. 
Tips for Using Extension Ladders 
  • If you need to work with both hands, while up on the ladder, make sure to hook one leg over a rung.
  • Always keep your hips between the rails of the ladder. Move the ladder when you need to reach anywhere.
  • While climbing up the ladder, if it starts wobbling, you should get down and change its position. Continue the process till the ladder becomes steady and then only start doing your work.
  • The top portion of a ladder is the most unstable. As far as possible, avoid climbing its three uppermost steps.
  • A metal or wet wooden ladder conducts electricity. So, before placing it, make sure that there are no power lines in the area.

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