Do those terrifying and scary maggots wandering around your home give you goosebumps? Check out these tips on how to kill maggots to easily get rid of them.

How To Kill Maggots

Those tiny, white worm-like creatures called maggots can be extremely terrifying to look at if not prevented at early stages. Yes, these creatures are creepy larvae that grow from fly eggs when left unnoticed, only to appear around garbage, human waste or any other rotting item. Maggots cannot be killed by most chemicals and hence, they can easily survive for about a week after which they transform into pupae. Thus, it becomes necessary to get rid of them at the earliest, failing which they can spread to indoor areas and pet dwelling places. Result? You will have maggots dotting all over household pets. To learn how to kill maggots, read through the following lines. After you have killed the maggots, make sure that you remove the affected item to prevent unhatched fly eggs from creating more maggots in due course of time.
Killing Maggots
Boiling Water
One of the best and most effective home remedies for killing maggots is by pouring boiling water. Boil enough water in a large pot and pour it over the maggots. The larvae are sure to die immediately after the water is poured on them. Make sure that the quantity of water you are using is sufficient to cover the maggots; else they will disperse and disappear as they have fast crawling abilities.
Pouring boiling water may not be effective in all cases of infesting maggots. For example, if you have maggots in your pet’s fur or stuck on the carpet, pouring or splashing hot water is not suggestive. In such conditions, boil water and fill it in an unused container. Pick up the maggots with tweezers and place them in the container. You can also kill maggots sticking to the carpet using a steam cleaner.
Maggots and other mature flies are highly attracted to alcoholic beverages and other such foul smelling substances. These circumstances can be used as an advantage to attract them and get rid of them. Take a large, unused bowl and fill it with beer. Place this bowl near the infested sites and see the maggots crawling to the bowl and getting drowned in beer. Depending upon the number of maggots surviving, you may have to use more beer-filled bowls.
Manual Killing
Agree or not, the easiest way to kill maggots is using paper. Place an unused paper over the maggots and stamp over it. This is the most instant method that you can use to kill maggots when you first sight these ugly-looking insects. However, this method is only suitable for killing maggots that have infested a limited area. Too many maggots cannot be killed using this method.
Pick up pesticides that are formulated for killing maggots and fly larvae. Apply them to the areas that have been infested with maggots. When other home remedies do not work, using chemicals and sprays is the last option to look out for. However, ensure that you follow the specific concentrations and usage directions as mentioned on the package.

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