Are you looking for some natural ways to get rid of ants? If yes, then this is the right article for you, teaching you how to kill ants naturally.

How To Kill Ants Naturally

Ants, the hard working insects, are well known for spoiling the picnics. If the picnic baskets were filled with sweat treats, they would love to invade them! While indoors, they would not leave the leftovers in your kitchen uncollected. This leaves with you with task of cleaning the entire area. Along with that, you would also look for pesticides to get rid of the nasty insects. However, since the areas frequented by them are usually kitchen and the dining table, it is suggested not to use harsh chemicals. Instead, you should try to kill them naturally. Here is guidance on how to get rid of ants by following natural ways.
Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Ants
Boiled Water
Pouring boiling water on the mounds of ants will help kill them instantly. In a large pot, heat water until it starts boiling. Carry the pot of boiling water to the place where the ants have built up a mound. Wear gloves while carrying the water. Now, pour the water, slowly and gently, on the top of the heap of ants. They will die within no time.
Corn Meal
Consumption of corn meal can pose a threat to the ants. Set the trap for the ants by sprinkling corn meal in the areas that they frequent, such as the corners of the kitchen, countertops and sinks. When the little insects are attracted to the corn meal, they will instantly carry it and try to eat it. Finding it difficult to digest corn meal, they will eventually perish.
Turmeric is an effective natural remedy to get rid of ants. Make use of turmeric powder for the purpose. Fill the mounds of ants with turmeric powder, for three to four days in a row. The result will be positive - you will find your home free of the little insects!
Ants may enter the house through windows as well. Draw thick chalk lines on the windowsills to stop them from entering. You will be amazed to see the ants scattering away from the chalk line! This way, you will prevent them from invading your house.
Pour warm water in a small bowl and soak a few tobacco leaves in it. Leave it overnight, so that the water soaks the essence of tobacco. In the morning, throw away the soaked tobacco leaves and pour the water on the anthill. The ants would die instantly, due to their contact with the tobacco essence.
Soap Solution
Make a concentrated solution of soap. Now, locate the holes made by ants in your home. Pour the solution on the trail of the ants, leading up to the holes made by them. Fill the holes with the remaining soap solution. The ants will move away from the scent of the solution, leaving your house insect-free.

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