Rather than mothballs, you should resort to natural ways, to get rid of moths from your house. Go through this article and know how to repel moths naturally and keep them at bay.

How To Repel Moths Naturally

When it comes to clothes, the little crawlers called moths can do more harm than many other bigger insects. For instance, your lovely cashmere shawl can easily be put to no use, after these little creatures eat the beauty out of it. In other words, it is essential to keep the moths out of your closets and drawers, if you want to keep your clothes safe. However, using mothballs is not a very good option, especially if you have children, as they are very toxic. So what can you do? Let your favorite clothes be the food of moths? Absolutely not! There are many safe options, other than mothballs, using which you can easily repel moths and don’t have to worry about toxicity as well. Such moth repellents comprise of herbs and have been used since centuries. Go ahead and use them to make your own moth repellent sachets and keep the crawlers at bay. Read on to know more on how to repel moths naturally.
Natural Ways To Get Rid of Moths
Method 1
Dry some lavender leaves and keep them in a sachet. Make several such sachets and keep in the places that are likely to be infested by moths. Even lavender oil will do the trick. You need to soak cotton balls in lavender oil and wrap them in a muslin cloth. Put them in closets or drawers. Lavender will not only keep the moth at an arm’s distance, but also give a fresh and lingering smell to your clothes.
Method 2
You can also make use of mint leaves, to keep the moths at bay. Put them in a tea bag and keep them in all the cabinets and drawers around your house. Yet another option would be to add cedar woods to the mint or make cedar wood chips and keep them in different places in the closet, to prevent the moths from coming.
Method 3
Take one cup of rosemary, a few bay leaves, half a cup of vetiver and pennyroyal. Mix them thoroughly, without letting the scent go away. Put them in muslin cloth pouches and place the pouches inside your closet and all the other places that moths are likely to infest.  
Method 4
You can use camphor and wormwood also, for making moth repellent sachet. For the purpose, soak blotting paper in equal parts of turpentine and camphor oil. Now, place the paper on the floor of the cabinets or paste them in creaks of the doors, from where the moths appear.
Method 5
You can make another natural moth-repellent by mixing two ounces of rosemary and mint, both dried, with a few grams of cloves, dried thyme and ginseng. Crush the cloves, in order to mix them properly. Place the mixture in a muslin cloth, tie well and hang inside the closets. Your closets will become free of moths.
Method 6
You can even make moth repellent spray by using neem oil, along with a bit of liquid castile soap. Mix them together and pour in a spray can. Spray the inside of your closets with this, before keeping your clothes inside. You can even lock the moths outside by spraying it on the floor and creaks of cabinets.
Method 7
You can make a herb sachet by mixing dried lavender leaves, rosemary, cloves, thyme, eucalyptus, peppercorns, cinnamon sticks, and lemon peels. Mix them and put in a muslin sachet, to be hung in the closets.
  • Since moths are generally attracted to sweat and dirt, the best way to keep your clothes free of them would be to launder and clean them well, before storing.

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