With this article, educate yourself about the perfect porch designing ideas. Know how to design a porch, sit there, linger and enjoy the expansive scenery in front of your home.

How To Design A Porch

Porches have been an integral part of the vintage and traditional homes. They used to serve as the perfect, quiet spot to sit, relax and spend time with the family. With time, the entire concept was lost. However, now, the coming back of the traditional looking homes has also set in motion the comeback of porches, as they are inherent to those homes. Go through the following lines and learn how to design a porch.
Porch Designing Ideas
Go For Bigger Ones
These days, porches are generally big in size, often being in line with the front of the house. A full length porch looks nice, especially in a home facing the street. Wider porches can accommodate tables, chairs and even the old fashioned porch swing. So, if you are planning to enjoy a relaxed evening, it is advisable to make your porch big.
Use More Colors
One should ensure that the design of the porch is in continuity with the architectural style of the rest of the house. There should be a consistency in detail and character of every single part of the home. In general, the design elements of a porch lay emphasis on the usage of more colors. A lot of multi-color palettes are seen nowadays. In keeping with the trend, you can use trim colors, accent colors or the colors that are consistent with the other parts of your home.
Use Bolder Columns
Bolder columns comprise of one of the most typical features of a porch. They sit on the dock of the porch and can be round, squared or tapered. Bolder columns are used since they add to the design of the porch and serve aesthetic purposes as well.
Use Durable Materials
It is advisable to use the same quality material for the porch as the one used in the interior of the home. Materials like stucco, brick or synthetics (like fiber cement siding products) give your well-designed porch an exquisite look.
Choose Your Flooring
Ipe is becoming the popular choice for porch flooring, these days. It is a Brazilian hardwood, which is incredibly strong and resistant to insects, rot and mold. Another advantage of Ips is that it is moderately priced. Other flooring options for the front porches include traditional pine or cedar floors. In short, you have a lot of options to choose from. Opt for the one that suits your taste as well as your budget. You can also go ahead with floor venting, to prevent moisture build-up.

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