Getting frustrated at the mere thought of eliminating kitchen clutter? Know some easy tips on how to eliminate kitchen clutter and get a clean and clear cooking space.

How To Eliminate Kitchen Clutter

Are you sick and tired of the mess in your kitchen? Is your kitchen unorganized and full of items that you rarely or never use? Eliminating the clutter, at such a point of time, will help improve your kitchen décor and the chances of your using the space more. Knowing how to eliminate kitchen clutter is also essential to maintain proper health and hygiene. As you search for the correct solution of the said problem, let us put across a few tips that might prove useful.
Tips On Eliminating Kitchen Clutter
Clean Off The Countertops
For cleaning the countertops, start by washing the dirty dishes. Then take out the trash and clean off all the countertops. Find a suitable place for the items that are not meant to be kept at the countertop and are cluttering it unnecessarily.
Sort Every Item In Cupboards
Make three piles - Keep, Donate and Trash. Now, go ahead with sorting the items in your kitchen. It is the toughest part of the job, as most of the times, people do not want to let go of things. It is advisable to keep only those items that you are sure of using. Get rid of the broken items and donate everything else.
Clean Cupboards & Rearrange Items
After pulling the items off the shelves, wipe the cupboards with a damp cloth. Let them get dry and then add shelf liners. Now, it is time to arrange all the items back in the cupboards. Place the mostly used items in the shelves that are easiest to reach, while the least used ones will go at the very top or very back.
Arrange The Drawers
Just like you did for the cupboards, sort every item present in the kitchen drawers. Keep only those utensils that you actually use. Donate duplicate utensils and the ones you no more use. Throw away the broken ones. After that, wipe the drawers, let them dry and add shelf liners. Return everything useful back to the drawers. Add drawer organizers, wherever necessary. Make sure you place the utensils you mostly use closest to the stove or the dishwasher.
Rearrange The Countertops
Sort things placed at the countertops. Keep only the ones you actually use or the ones that add to the kitchen décor. Donate or toss out everything else. After sorting, wipe and dry the countertops. Place items which you use most often, like the toaster, on the countertops. Arrange the decorative items after that. The appliances that you keep, but don’t want to place on the countertops, can be arranged in the cupboards.
Clean The Refrigerator
Take care while cleaning your refrigerator. It may be full of cans and food items. Make sure to throw away the cans and items that have crossed their expiry date. The items that you are sure of not consuming should also be thrown away. After removing all the items, wipe the refrigerator dry. Now, rearrange all the items. Place the most-used items at the level you can easily reach.
Get Rid Of Trash & Donation Pile
Put out all the objects in your trash pile and fill them inside a trash bag. Immediately, take them out to your trashcan and throw away. There may be chances of your making a few trips, in case there is a lot of trash. As for the items in the Donate pile, place them in grocery bags and cardboard boxes. Take them to a local secondhand store or a donation center.

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