Clutter is the hoarding of useless possessions. Read the article below on tips to get rid of clutter.

How To Free Yourself Of Clutter

To get organized is perhaps one of the hardest things to do. An organized house is the sign of an organized mind. Therefore, to clear the house of clutter is of utmost necessity. But it is easier said than done. The most common roadblock towards leading a clutter free life is procrastination. So, once you have decided to rid the clutter, start at once and don’t put off. Sometimes, the enormous amount of clutter can overwhelm you, but hold your breath and take the plunge. And don’t stop until you have got rid of every unnecessary item. Some people are compulsive hoarders and will keep each and every thing. For such people, clearing the clutter is to overcome a psychological barrier. Obsessive hoarding can result in syllogomania, which in extreme cases can also be treated as a psychological disorder. Cluttering hinders the movement and is a cause for shame and embarrassment. Too much of clutter can also lead to depression. In the article below are some tips to help you get rid of clutter.
Tips To Get Rid Of Clutter
  • Select one room at a time. Otherwise, the process will appear burdensome and you won’t have the feeling to continue. Moreover, seeing a clutter free room will encourage you to go on clearing yourself of clutter from the other rooms too.
  • Sieve through the items in the room and separate the ones you want to keep, the ones you want to sell, and the ones you want to throw away. It is better to take three boxes and keep the items accordingly in each box.
  • Your goal should be to keep less and to sell and throw more. While clearing clutter the urge to keep is strong. So, ask someone in your family, whether the items you are keeping are really necessary.
  • When the room is done, dispose of the unwanted clutter and then start with the next room.
  •  Piles of paper occupy large space. So, start cleaning out the papers first. Caution is advised as you may lose important documents in haste. Keep a file handy, where you can put in all the important document. Proper filing of records keeps the important documents in place without cluttering.
  • Another item that causes clutter is clothes. There are clothes, which you never wear, and some, which are kept as a keepsake. Naturally, enormous courage is required to get rid of clothes. One method is to donate the unused clothes to charity. This will have a feel good effect, and free you from the desire to keep.
  • Many people like to keep the clothes of their childhood as a sweet memory. A good way to utilize these clothes is to give it to the children you know, as household wear. Or, if you fear the cloths getting spoiled then select the few of the most important and store them in the attic.
  • Understand the difference between junk and memorabilia. Throw the junk.
  • Bills and receipt are one of the major items of clutter. Maintain a separate file for bills and receipts. Keep the receipts detailing the warranty and throw the rest. Keep the credit card bills until the monthly statements came and then rid it. Service bills can be discarded after the payment, and if required later, a duplicate can be issued anytime. The bank and other transaction statements should be filed away.
  • Make a digital record of the documents so that accessing them is easy. In addition, some records can be disposed off after a period of five years, but you can always keep the digital record as proof.

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