Are those misted up mirrors preventing you from seeing yourself in the mirror? Read the following tips to know how you can keep your bathroom mirror from fogging over (i.e. fog free).

How To Keep Your Mirror From Fogging Over

Mirrors are one of those essential tools that help us to present ourselves in the best light. Yet, we often tend to overlook the effect of things like fog on mirrors, due to our busy lifestyles. The most unsightly sight in a bathroom is a mirror that is dull. Mirrors play a significant role in the bathroom. Thus, it is important to keep them fog free, in order to keep them shining for longer. Many substances build up on the mirrors after steamy showers or long baths. The fog that sits on your mirror contains oil and fatty substances from your body and your shower products. This attracts dust that, in turn, gives you a mirror-cleaning nightmare. Are you tired of stepping out from a shower to a fogged up mirror that you can’t even see in? Given below are some easy tricks that will help you know how to keep your bathroom mirror from fogging over again and again. Read through the following lines and find a solution to mist-up mirrors.
Keeping Your Bathroom Mirror Fog Free
Shaving Cream
Squirt some white shaving cream into your hand and smear it all over the bathroom mirror. Be sure to leave a thin film of shaving cream on the mirror. The film will go away after many showers, so it is advised to apply it once in a while only. Do not use the gel-type shaving foam for the purpose; it will only mess up the work. Use this technique when you take a shave or are just cleaning your bathroom.
Car Wax
Take a small amount of car paste wax and apply it on the mirror. Let the wax dry and then buff the mirror with a soft cloth. This will prevent the bathroom mirror from steaming the next time you step out from a shower. You can rub the wax on bathroom fixtures also, to prevent water spots.
Coat your bathroom mirror with non-gel toothpaste and wipe it off before you step in the shower. The mirror will not get fogged when you get out. Re-do this process once a month, for lasting results.
Take a little soap in your hands, add some water and rub in onto the bathroom mirror. Do not rub it around so much that it makes lot of bubbles. A thin film is all you require for keeping your bathroom mirror fog-free. Remember that the soap film should be so clear that you should not be able to tell it is there.
Water-displacing Spray
You can also make use of a water-displacing spray, to prevent your mirror from fogging over. For the purpose, all you have to do is spray some window cleaner on the mirror and then wipe it clean, using a paper towel. Now, making use of an old rag, apply a thin layer of water-displacing spray on the mirror. After a few minutes, wipe it off.

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