Decorating your patio will involve only a few simple changes, but make you feel more at home. Explore this article to know different ideas on how to decorate your patio.

Patio Decorating Ideas

Patios are attracting a lot of attention in the present time, whether they are big or small, refined or rustic. In fact, along with outdoor kitchens and courtyards, they make up the places that are lived and used even more than the inside of the home. So, it becomes important to make them comfortable, beautiful and functional. Since big draws, fresh air and sunshine are already in place; all you need is a little creativity to put in finishing touches on your patio. In fact, designing and decorating a patio demands just some planning and creativity. Spring out your decorating ideas and create a fun and casual outdoor by adding a few practical touches, for a pure comfort, private and elegant patio. Read on further to convert your cold, barren space into a fresh, inviting and appealing one.
How To Decorate Your Patio
Patio Furniture
Relaxing in patio furniture enables you to enjoy comfort in the outdoor space. Let your patio be a home away from home. Choose a new color to repaint your outdoor furniture. Place a small bistro table with two chairs for a relaxing nook. You can also get a small, low round table and a settee (a place to take a nap or tan on a warm day), in case, tanning is your focus. Group all the furniture together for a cozy environment. Do not forget to decorate your patio with a hand-painted canvas rug.
The Open Air Kitchen
Those having a barbeque grill can better understand the thrill of cooking in the open air. In case you are planning for comprehensive luxuries, include a refrigerator, stereo, cooking island and grilling equipment in the patio. Plan your space in such a manner that it allows easy access to the house, for any supplies.
Deck & Patio Lighting
Extend your outdoor time by adding good lighting to the patio. It will make your house safer and enhance your home’s security as well. For a classic look, go for tiki torches and paper lanterns. In case you want convenient and flexible outdoor lighting, you can choose landscape illumination. Embedded lights can help you watch your steps, as they illuminate walkways, fences and walls.
Low-voltage lights are also available today, in a number of brightness levels, so that they can be adjusted according to your need. They are inexpensive and energy efficient. For the eco-friendly option, check out solar lights, where you do not have to worry about wires also. They provide good illumination as well. In fact, a fully charged solar light provides almost 15 hours of illumination.
Paying Attention to Privacy
A patio demands privacy, especially if it is visible from the streets or by your neighbors. You can plant hedges in raised beds or strategic trees, like dwarf Japanese maple or a combination of shrubs like boxwood, juniper and arborvitaes, to protect your privacy. You can also consider trellis or prefabricated vinyl divider to secure your patio.
You can add vines for a thick coverage to conceal your patio antics. It will also add color and texture to the landscape. Bamboo curtains or their synthetic counterparts are another option for the same. They are inexpensive, easy to install and can be rolled up, when not required. They are perfect for areas like a pool or hot tub, especially when you want to dress up.
Some More Ideas 
  • A mock stream with its own bridge, a pond, birdbath or fountain, adds appeal to your patio and sparkles up the nature as well.
  • For a cozy atmosphere, try a pit fire that will help you keep warm on cool evenings.
  • For a relaxing sound, minor stylistic masterpieces like wind chimes do the magic.
  • Brighten up your plain concrete slab with painted benches and eye popping throw pillows.
  • Add color and natural feel to the space with profusion of pots overflowing the annuals. Use the crossbeams and posts to hang pots and arrange their companion paintings at ground level, beneath them.
  • Create an interesting mood with some latticework, like pots made from unusual materials like hypertufa, bamboo curtains and wrought iron.
  • Glass top tables, colored lights, mirror balls, table umbrellas and festive awnings contribute to the space arrangement in a patio.

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