A study room is all about solitude and elegance. Decorating it will help you personalize your relaxation place and leisure time. Read on to get tips on how to decorate your study room.

Decorating Study Room

A study room is a recreation room, where you can enjoy your leisure time in reading and other such relaxing activities, which are free from the mundane tasks of everyday life. It is a rare luxury, particularly in a small apartment or house. While decorating a study, individual style and taste play a critical role in deciding what pieces of furniture you would want to place therein. A classic wood and leather concept is what men prefer, while the women would like to go for a peaceful sanctuary or spa-type surroundings. Why not make space for a study in your home and rediscover yourself there! Relax and enjoy reading in your warm study room by decorating it as per any of the ideas given in the following lines.
Tips To Decorate Your Study Room
Casual to Formal Décor
In most cases, study room décor is either too formal or too casual for comfort. Give your study a blend of both. Get a large bookshelf and stack it along the largest wall. Place all your books in one area, to give a streamlined and organized look to the room. Have a smaller bookshelf, with glass doors, for storing your stationery. This will serve as a nice décor element also. Get a large wooden table and a comfortable chair to complete the look. Windows will be great for natural light and fresh air. Do include some drawers in your table, to store important papers.
Casual Decorations
For a pure casual look, have a comfy beanbag and a small coffee table. To energize your study, add a bright colored rug. Choose colorful book holders to stack newspapers and magazines. Place a small stereo to have some soothing music and to give lightness to your serious looking study.  
An important part of your study room decor would comprise of the lighting. Adequate lighting is essential for reading, so that you do not have to glare down to read anything. A great idea is to use three different kinds of lighting. Go for recessed lights for overall illumination. Choose task lighting, mounted under the cabinets, to add style to the work surface. Have a pendant fixture to give just the right amount of light to your worktop.
Choose fresh colors to give a fresh and vibrant look to the study décor. For wall colors, you can choose between greens, creams and sunny yellows, to give a cheerful feel. Go for neutral shades and floral prints for a simple, yet individualistic taste. In case of a clean look, you can opt for strips, checks and lines. For a formal look, try blinds instead of curtains.
Apart from a study table, chair and bookshelves, a study is usually free from any kind of furniture. A cozy armchair and small side tables can definitely add some contemporary décor to the recreation room. You can also add carpets and pillows to contribute to the coziness of the atmosphere. If needed, you can keep a small refrigerator for snacks and drinks, so that you do not have to leave your hideout when you feel hungry.

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