Decorating family room can be really exciting as it is the nerve center of activity. Learn how to decorate the family room with the help of the tips given below.

How To Decorate Family Room

The family room is one the most significant areas in the house, as it is, where most of the activity takes place. Thus, it is important to decorate this room in order to make it look lively as well as user friendly. While decorating the family room it is important to note that whatever you might be using to spruce up your interiors, it should be sturdy and durable enough to bear the kind of high level of activity that will be performed in the room.  Moreover, there are a number of things that need to be kept in mind for decorating your family room. If you wish to know, how to decorate family room, read the ideas given below.
Family Room Decorating Ideas
  • The first thing to do is to choose a theme. The theme can be a way of expressing yourself, like nature, sports, etc. Once you have selected a theme, it will be quite easy for you to pick and choose the other elements in the room.
  • The next task is to pick a color scheme. If some other room is visible from your family room, try to include one color from that other room in your color scheme. Keep in mind your theme, while choosing colors. For a rough idea, use your main color on 60% of the room, your second color on 30% and your brightest accent color on only 10% of the room. Make sure your colors flow throughout the room.
  • Take care of the largest area first, which is usually formed by the walls. Apply a rich or deep tone of paint on one wall, while a lighter version on the other walls or ceiling. Other than paint, you can use hanging panels of fabric, quilts, or even a beautiful tablecloth as artwork over the wall.
  • Next, take care of your windows. Forget expensive blinds as they are not a wise option, when you have kids or pets around. Instead you can go for wood look blinds, which are quite cheap and durable. You can use inexpensive wood dowel to make great rods. Moreover, a pine cone, race car, teacup can be attached at the ends, showcasing your theme.
  • After this, you need to think about furniture. Family room has a casual attitude so pick your slip covers accordingly. Add throw pillows and blanket throws to complete the look. Moreover, make sure your furniture color matches the color theme and paint on the walls.
  • Lighting is yet another important aspect of a family room. Lamps can be made new with a new shade or a coat of paint. To vent out your creativity, poke needle holes through the lampshade in a pattern to match your theme.
  • Last and not the least, don’t forget to accessorize. Apply things as per your theme and personalize your room. You can place candles and set them in a pretty bowl filled with nuts, stones, or potpourri. Pile books on a table or add a tassel to your ceiling fan pull.

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