Are you worried about your dog not eating properly? Here’s how you can deal with your pet’s sudden loss of appetite.

Is Your Dog Not Eating Properly?

If you think dogs can't count, put three dog biscuits in your pocket and then try giving only two to your pet pooch. You’ll be surprised to discover that man’s best friend is good with numbers. However, wouldn’t it worry you sick if your dog refuses to eat either of the two biscuits, and you hardly know why. Dogs and humans have been ‘buddies’ since the very beginning of time. Our canine friends are always eager to shower us with generous portions of love, faithfulness, and friendship. Thus, it is only right for you to come to the rescue of your dog when it lands in trouble. Here’s how you should be attempting to uncover the reasons for the issue of your dog not eating properly and suggestions on how you should be dealing with the same.
Dealing With Your Dog’s Loss Of Appetite
  • Kennel cough can result in your dog’s loss of appetite. This is probably because your dog might have been locked in with other dogs in a restricted environment such as a kennel. This contact can adversely affect the appetite of your dog. To solve this problem, keep your dog away from its ‘peers’, and resort to some home remedies for kennel cough. Your pet should soon revert to its normal appetite again.
  • Another cause for your dog’s loss of appetite may be due to a discovery of an additional source of food. At times dogs may eat anything under the sun, from garbage to leftover food thrown out by a neighbor, everything goes inside their mouth. The only way to deal with this problem is to find out what and where your dog has been eating and destroy that source of alternate nutrition.
  • Your dog may also not be eating properly due to the condition of abscessed teeth, a collection of pus in the mouth and swelling that’s caused by bacteria. This condition is made more noticeable when your dog makes strange noises and completely refuses to eat food. A dosage of antibiotics for a period of two weeks should set your dog’s appetite right.
  • A more serious cause is indicated when your dog is ridden with a dry cough and is almost always trying to vomit. Allowing time to heal your pet or home remedies may not be the right way to deal with this issue; there is more to it than meets the eye. Your dog may be suffering from a heart problem, because in this case the heart of your pet is pressing against its esophagus and thus causing the cough. The safest way to deal with this issue is to take your dog to a vet; professional help is the way to go when dealing with such a disorder.
  • A sudden change in surroundings can adversely affect the appetite of your dog. The issue may be purely psychological. Leaving behind your dog and taking off on a holiday or taking your dog to a new place can dent the appetite of your dog. Sometimes your dog may lose its appetite when it has been the only pet and you bring in another pet. Dogs are affectionate creatures and are used to their masters feeding them a certain food, at a certain time and in a certain setting, any disruptions in these variables may mostly result in a loss of the dog’s appetite.
  • A vaccination or a surgery can also harm or destroy the appetite of your dog. A dog that has just got a shot or undergone a surgery may not be too much of eater; time and rest are the best healers here. Sometimes, dogs may lose their appetites due to the lack of physical activity. A dog which does not move around much will not have too much of an appetite, taking your dog out for a walk or a run will help correct this issue.

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