Fertilizers are important to improve soil texture, promote healthy growth, and increase yields. Know all about the significance of using fertilizers by glancing through this article.

Importance Of Fertilizers

People who keep fertilizers at bay have often complained of less-than-terrific results. These complaints mainly comprise of not getting sufficient flowers or produce, as they should be otherwise yielding. Further, the plants and crops are prone to being attacked and destroyed by several diseases and insect problems. Little do they realize that natural nutrients, called fertilizers, that are generally avoided are actually plant food without which the plants are deemed to die or contract diseases! Since most of the soils do not provide the requisite nutrients necessary for the growth and health of plants, they have to be fed with fertilizers to overcome the deficiency. Also, fertilizers are not one-time materials which once provided do not have to be re-supplied. In fact, every time you harvest your plants, they remove some nutrients along with them. Thus, regular supply of fertilizers to plants is a must to ensure their regular growth and yield. Find out more about the significance of fertilizers in the following lines.
Significance Of Fertilizers
Essential Nutrients
The fertility of the soil largely depends on the amount and rate of nutrients provided to it. To enhance healthy and continuous growth of plants, it is important to provide the soil with adequate nutrients. Thus, fertilizers contain the essential nutrients that are supplied to the soil, thereby improving plant growth and producing high yields.
Increased Resistance
Fertilizers increase the capacity of the plants to hold more water and thus, becoming more resistant to even severe drought conditions. Fertilizers that contain potassium are best meant for strengthening the stalks and straws of plants. Further, they assist in enhancing seed and fruit quality, thereby delivering a better produce and stocks.
Early Blooms
Fertilizers shorten the blooming time of flowering plants. Researches indicate that the phosphorus content in fertilizers helps in the early maturity of the plants. This means that the plants form seeds and develop roots faster than in the absence of fertilizers.
Growth Booster
To encourage faster growth of plants, farmers use fertilizers containing nitrogen. Nitrogen functions as a growth booster and greening agent as well. To improve the green color of plants, nitrogen aids in forming chlorophyll and manufacturing plant protein. Deficiency of nitrogen can be diagnosed by plants that display stunted growth and light-green leaves. Therefore, fertilizers with rich nitrogen content are important for greening plants and lawns.
Soil Fertility
Fertilizers form an integral part of soil fertility and texture. As such, natural fertilizers, such as compost and manure, serve as the best soil enhancers, thereby eradicating various soil problems. For example, sandy soil has a tendency to lose nutrients and water quickly, while clay soil is very dense and hence, lacks oxygen. Fertilizers help in solving both these problems resulting in a nutrient-rich soil.

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