Playing with the dog is not only fun but it also helps in strengthening the owner-pet bond. Explore the article below to know the importance of playing with your dog.

The Importance Of Playing With Your Dog

Playing with your dog is no doubt fun, but it should also be educational for the dog. Playing does not mean that you get on all fours and roll around with your dog, though it is quite acceptable. You must have seen some dogs of your friends or neighbors, who always seem moody and you could not safely pat it without being snapped at or growled. This is because the dog is not ‘socialized’ enough. In case you care to find out you will see that the owners of such dogs spend little time with their pets. Left to itself the dog is unable to inhibit its predatory instinct. A lonely dog is an angry dog. This can be prevented by playing with your dog daily. Not only will it be relaxing for you but it also will develop your bond with the pet. Only through playing you can teach the dog what to do and what not to do. It will also help in channeling their energies that work towards developing their bodies. Playing is an exercise in learning and so you must indulge your dog in it as often as you can so that it leads an active life. To know more go through the article below to know the importance of playing with your dog.
Significance Of Playing With Your Dog
  • For the healthy development of the dog playing is an utmost necessity.
  • Playing is necessary to strengthen the bond between the dog and the owner.
  • Playing provides physical exercise and mental stimulation that is very important for the health of the dog.
  • In puppies, playing is important to develop the muscles and the coordination. Playing teaches all the skills that are required to become social and balanced. Puppies play a lot and this helps in developing their killing and communal behavior.
  • If you do not play with your dog then it cannot shed the inhibition and would fail to communicate with other dogs or their owners.
  • Playing also helps the dog to learn the submissive and dominant roles that they must adopt in different situations.
  • Dogs can learn effective communication when they are regularly played with as puppies.
  • It helps the dog to learn new behavior and develop self control.
  • Playing develops the brains and also teaches them to carry out a sequence of patterns. It is also a very good way to explore and develop their senses of sights, smell, touch and hearing.
  • It helps dogs to develop their social characters and as a result the dog will be less fearful and anxious. It brings in more confidence to the dogs to explore other dogs, humans and objects.
  • Their natural predatory skills are honed due to playing. So, while playing they include such behavior as chewing, digging, chasing, hunting, barking etc.
  • Games like tug-of-war are very good in bringing out their dominant characteristics. Such game deflect the natural aggression and teach cooperative behavior.
  • Playing is a great way for the dog to channelize its predatory energies through activities like biting the shoes or pulling down the curtains.
  • Playing mental games strengthens the brain and it has been found that dogs that play mental game regularly have a far more healthy brain. This will also keep them healthy in the long term. The best games that you can play with your dogs are retrieving an object, carrying or the basic obedience commands.

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