A strong, watchful and usually calm-tempered breed, Broholmer dogs are everyone’s favorite. Read the article to get more information on the Broholmer dog breed.

Broholmer Dogs

Breed: Mastiff breed
Height: Females- 27.5 inches, Males- 29.5 inches
Weight: Females- 41 to 59 kg, Males- 51 to 69 kg
Coat Type: Short and harsh

The Broholmer, also known as the Danish Broholmer, is a large molosser breed from Denmark, recognized by Danish Kennel Club. It is a Mastiff type of dog, with a large size and a strong, rectangular body. It is a powerful breed and moves swiftly. It has a broad deep chest with exceptionally prominent forequarters. Broholmer is generally calm and even-tempered, yet watchful. It is commonly employed as a guard dog in homes of the wealthy. However, it can be quite friendly and prove to be a great family pet, if socialized properly. It has immense confidence and alertness, which is portrayed through its looks as well. Read through the following lines to know more about the Broholmer dog breed.

Broholmer dog was generated from a cross between English Mastiffs and local dogs in Germany. It was named after ‘Sehested of Broholm’, a gamekeeper who lived in the 1700s. The dog became a victim of strife during the Second World War and almost went extinct. However, it was saved by a group of Danish enthusiasts, after the isolated members were found in 1970s. King Frederick VII and his consort, Countess Danner were owners of several Broholmers. This breed of dogs was established in the early nineteenth century and was moderately popular as a guard dog, in the homes of wealthy Danes. The breed got imported to the UK in 2009, with a view to put them on the UK Kennel Club’s import list.

The Broholmers are Mastiff type dogs. They are large in side, rectangular in shape and strongly built, with composed and powerful movement. Their appearance is dominated by powerful forequarters. They have a massive and wide head, a sturdy neck with some loose skin, and a broad and deep chest. When they are at rest, their head is carried low and stooping, and their tail hangs down saber like. When Broholmer dogs get alert or aroused, their head is raised higher and the tail is raised above the horizontal line. They have a thick under coat, with a short coat lying over. The coat comes in yellow and black mask or red and black mask colors. White markings on the chest, feet and tip of the tail might be present in them.

Broholmer is a calm, friendly and good-tempered, yet watchful breed. It portrays great self-confidence, which comes from the strength it possesses. The main objective to train these dogs is to achieve a pack leader status. The entire pack of dogs cooperates under a single leader, with drawn lines and set rules. Broholmer dogs can make great family pets, because of their calm and even temperament. They can grow up to be very friendly, if properly socialized. They can get along well with children, if raised with them and socialized well from puppy-hood.

Genetic Diseases
There are no specific genetic health issues or concerns related to this breed of dog. Ailments affecting Broholmer are common to other types of dogs as well. They have a typical life span of 6 to 11 years.

A Broholmer dog does not require extensive grooming. It has a short coat, therefore once a week brushing will be sufficient. However, the dog is a heavy shedder. In the shedding season, it requires everyday brushing to remove the dead hair. Do not bathe your Broholmer dogs when they are shedding, as this will accelerate the shedding process. They needs plenty of exercise and physical activity to keep fit. However, over-exercising a Broholmer can lead to hip problems and even hinder their bone growth.

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