Custom-made hand painted furniture can add personality and style at home. Here’s what you must consider before buying hand painted furniture.

How To Choose Hand Painted Furniture

Tasteful furniture is something that every person dreams to have. Most people do a thorough research to find out where they can get the kind of furniture that would fit their home and needs best. Most of the times, the furniture that we run into is bland and looks and feels just like someone else’s with nothing to add to make it look like ours. The best way to go about when looking for furniture with a ‘me’ touch is to go for hand painted furniture that will give a completely personalized look to your home. Not only can you choose your own colours for your home, you can also play around with them. Also, you can do away with the issue of having to see one side of the furniture unpainted, which is the case with most other machine painted furniture, for which they cite non-visibility as an excuse. Also, hand painted furniture can be embellished the way you want it to be. Here are some things you should keep in mind while looking out for hand painted furniture.
Choosing Hand Painted Furniture 
Here are some questions that you need to seek the answer to, if you want to buy hand painted furniture:
What Material? 
Though wood is the most common material used to make hand painted furniture, there are shops that also sell such furniture made from Medium Density Fibreboards or MDF. This is an engineered wood product formed by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibres, often in a defibrator, combining it with wax and a resin binder, and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure. It is tougher and denser than plywood.  
Check Down Under 
You should always check inside the drawers and underneath the piece of furniture that you intend to buy, to make sure that every surface is painted with an even coat. Some people are too lazy to paint every surface, especially the ones that are not visible; they do not even sand or prime it. Be very careful about such pieces and demand that all the sides of the furniture be painted. If your chosen retailer demands a premium for this, simply take your business elsewhere because it will not only cost you in terms of money but also your time since it will take a few weeks for them to get it sorted.
Place Of Manufacture 
Do a thorough research on the manufacturer before you buy such kind of furniture or else you will land up paying too much for a badly done job. You can go for furniture that is made at some other place and will have to be shipped or sent to you over a period of time but do be prepared to pay the extra charges. You could also find out names of people who make custom-made hand painted furniture if you are picky about what you want.
Most manufacturers offer a wide range of lovely rustic colours in reds, greens, pale yellow, buff, champagne, or beige. Rooms furnished with these colours offer a warmth and character missing from the basic white colour scheme.

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