The dog must be brushed regularly to save it from gum disease. Explore the article given below to know how to remove tartar or plaque from the teeth of your dogs.

How To Remove Tartar Or Plaque From The Teeth Of Dogs?

Just because no one has seen animals brushing, does not mean that they do not get oral diseases. Dogs, like other animals are very much susceptible to the tartar and plaque formation in the teeth. This is because the diet of these pets has undergone a sea change. The wild ancestors of the dogs fed on raw meat. They had to tear the meat from the hides and also gnaw the bones a lot. When they chewed on these hard meats, bones, and hides, their teeth would be scrubbed clean of all the harmful deposits. So, it kept their teeth clean and relatively free of diseases. However, in pet dogs the natural foods were replaced by artificial diets that are very soft on the teeth. Moreover, the ingredients in them are more likely to stick to the teeth. These deposits if not cleaned immediately will later mineralize to form tartar and this can lead to many gum and teeth diseases. The best way of avoiding this is brushing the teeth regularly. This will not only help keep diseases at bay but also drive the bad breath away, that dogs are so plagued with. To know more, go through the article below to learn more on removing tartar and plaque from dogs’ teeth.
Tips On Removing Tarter And Plaque From Dog's Teeth 
  • Scrape the dog’s teeth with a dental scaling tool. The tool has a curved scraping tool with a plastic handle, which is very good in removing the tartar and plaque.
  • When using the dental tool, make the dog lie down and then lifting the lip, scrap on the tooth that has tartar and plaque buildup. Then use the side of the tool to scrap the gum line.
  • Regular dental checkup is a must. Also brushing the dog’s teeth daily can reduce the tartar and plaque buildup.
  • Give raw hide for the dog to chew on. The hide is tough and when the dog chews on it, it scraps away the tartar buildup. Hides are also free of additives.
  • Another method is to give the dog prescription dog food as they are hard to chew and so scraps away the plaque and tartar.
  • Use baking soda and a washcloth to brush the tooth of your dog. Rub the cloth in a slow and smooth movement.
  • There are specialized plaques removing toys that can be bought from a pet store. Chewing the toys will remove the tartar from the dog’s teeth.
  • Specially made biscuits for dogs are very good in preventing the accumulation of the tartar and plaque. These biscuits contain ingredients that scrub and remove any deposits from the teeth. These biscuits should be given to them after their regular meal. This is also a very good preventive measure.
  • There are also specially formulated gels to remove the tarter and plaque. These gels are very good in softening the hardened deposits in the teeth. They are also available in various flavors and so it is pleasant to the dogs. After applying the gel properly over the teeth, a brush should be used to scrub the plaque. However, this method may take a little bit of time.
  • Feeding the dog’s fresh bones once a month is also a good option. Chewing on the bone can scrape away the teeth deposits.
  • Feed the dog hard food and hard biscuits every day to keep the teeth strong and free from tartar and plaque.
  • You can also buy tooth wipes and tooth swaps for cleaning the dog’s teeth. The dogs find these more acceptable than the brush.
  • If there are excessive tartar deposits, then it is better to go to the vet, as simply brushing them would cause irritation to the dog.

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