Colors influence the psychology of living beings. While some colors are disturbing, there are others that provide calmness & tranquility. Read below to learn more on the various calming colors.

Calming Colors

Have you ever noticed how the soft blue of your bedroom walls gently lull you to sleep? Or how looking at some colors seems to drive your stress away and alleviate the mood instantly? Yes, colors play a very significant role in our psychology. There are some colors that seem to grip us with cold feelings and negative emotions, while there other colors that have a very calming and soothing effect. These cool colors are the ones that are abundant in nature, and so they represent harmony, brightness, balance and life. Calming colors also provide warmth and comfort. According to color psychologists, soothing colors influence the well being by affecting our emotions. Thus, introducing such colors into the house can create an atmosphere of relaxation and serenity. Since color can induce both positive and negative emotions, it is very necessary to learn which colors are cold and which are warm. Once this is done, you can include the soothing colors in your home and workplace so that their healing influence flows over you. Given below is a list of soothing and calming colors that you can include in your surroundings either by painting the area or including things like rugs, cloth ware, artworks and the like in the same color. To know which are the calming colors, read on further.
Calming Paint Colors
Green is the color of nature and growth. It symbolizes the abundance of life and health. As such, it creates a calming and energizing effect as well as provides a touch of refreshment with its blend of harmony and balance. Green pleases all the senses and provides a healing touch. Green brings the freshness of spring and rolling meadows, thus rejuvenating and soothing the mind, body and the soul. 
The color, blue brings a sense of tranquility and calmness that is reminiscent of sea and cloudless sky. It creates a meditative and spiritual atmosphere and brings about rest and peace in the surroundings. As such, blue is very effective in inducing sleep. Blue is also said to help in reducing blood pressure. The color is also associated with wisdom, loyalty, steadfastness and dependability. It also makes the mind focused. Some studies have shown that sport performances are enhanced in blue surroundings.
Purple confers protection and comfort. Purple is considered to be the royal color and is associated with wealth, luxury, prosperity and sophistication. The color purple is said to stimulate the brain cells, thereby giving a boost to the problem-solving activity. This color also conveys a sense of mystery, wisdom and respect.
This color heals and soothes the mind. Violet induces desire and intimacy and is often associated with the elements of magic and mystic. It also acts as a calming effect on the mind, as it has the ability to blur the thoughts. When mixed with shades of blue, green or dark purple, violet can prove to be extremely calming.
Light Orange
The lighter shades of orange like peach, relaxes and calms the mind. Orange adds a touch of vibrancy to the environment, creating a very soothing effect. It brings a feeling of fun, happiness and energy. The color also leads warmth to the surroundings. Orange rekindles the emotions of love and affection and makes the whole environ blissful and heavenly.
White is a neutral color that reflects beauty around it. It is one the most soothing colors and provides a sense of space. Thus, when burdened with negative thoughts, white creates the space for positive thoughts to flow in. White also enhances the effects of other calming colors, when used as a base for other colors. It also symbolizes purity and cleanliness and provides a feeling of safety and assurance.
Do you know that yellow has always been associated with laughter and happiness? Yellow brings about cheerfulness, exuberance and enthusiasm in the surrounding. A yellow environment brings about optimism, as it induces the brain to release chemicals that lightens the mood. Apart from giving a boost to the creative cells of the brain, yellow also speeds up the metabolism.

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