If it’s time for you to change the paint of your house and you are wondering what you want to do, then this article will help you decide on those colors.

Warm Colors

Before you get your pot and fire going, you should know that this article is not going to teach you how to cook paint in a pot or a microwave before applying it. Colors are sometimes classified in categories like warm, cold, and festive. This is not a literal indication of the temperature of the color, but a way of describing the look the paint gives. For example, a light blue shade on the wall will make you feel relaxed, while walls colored black convey authority and discipline. By general convention, light shades are referred to as cool and dark shades are called warm. Making the right choice about the colors will play a key role in helping you decide if you like the new look or not. Therefore if you don’t want a disaster on your hands, take a moment to consider the colors and let the tips mentioned here guide you.

Warm Paint Colors
Since how you feel inside your house is also a factor of the color of the walls in your house, here are some tips how you can choose the right warm colors.

  • If you are going to redo the living room and are looking into some warm colors, then you will need to take into account the décor of the room and also the kind of a floor it has. For example, if you were looking for some warm colors for a living room with a wooden floor then you could choose reds, burnt orange, amber or honeydew shades of other dark colors.
  • When choosing warm colors for the walls you can pick the warm shades, but if you are looking to paint the ceiling as well, then you can pick a lighter shade. This is possible because the ceiling is always seen in the shade, so the color will not look bad or like an eyesore. However, pushing your luck on the contrast and getting two colors that don’t match even a little bit would be a bad idea.
  • Don’t worry about the common misconception that warm colors can’t be used for the entire house. If you are painting the bedroom, then you can go in for warm colors also because they tend to have a soothing effect and make the room look more spacious than it already is.
  • The most common warm colors are red, orange and yellow and therefore are the most popular colors when it comes to choosing warm shades.
  • If you are looking to change the color of your kitchen then the perfect warm colors would be yellow ocher or olive green. Both are warm colors and will also make the kitchen look vibrant while giving it energy. If you are not planning to paint the walls, you can consider using tiles of this color for the kitchen.
  • If you are looking for a choice of colors that would go with a particular floor, like hardwood, you can choose to use warm creamy beige, a creamy white, a warm light sage, deep olive green or even a medium khaki or bronze.
Always remember that most paint shops will provide you with a small sample of the paint, so it would be wise of you to first test the paint rather than buying an entire new batch.

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