Warm colors are fun, nice and comfortable, but using them in home decor requires some experimentation. The following article simplifies the world for you and makes sure that your risks are calculated.

Warm Room Colors

Vividness and vibrancy of warm colors is just what you need to tap their glory. Warm colors, as the name suggests, exuberate the warmth that heals your senses. Warm colors are typically in the shades of red, orange and yellow, with orange being the warmest. Such colors are known for their boldness and energy. Warm colors highlight the objects they are used on and are generally used at places where emphasis of some sort is required. They make objects look advanced and hence give a sense of coziness, when used in an otherwise large room. The walls appear closer to each other and also seem brighter, warmer and more relaxed. Warm colors can be used in any room of the house, depending upon the kind of comfort that you want that particular room to educe. Warm colors overshadow the cool ones and can be used in perfect symmetry with them, when the intention is to highlight something against the backdrop of something else. In the following lines, we have given detailed information on the usage of warm colors for home décor.
Warm Colors For Home Decorating
Cozy Bedrooms
The bedroom has to be the most comfortable, peaceful and cozy room of the house. It must be the one room that you can enter in any mood, but emerge out with a relaxed aura always. But then, this choice depends and varies from person to person. Some people get rejuvenated at the sight of the cooler colors, while some get distracted and uneasy at the sight of such colors. Hence, it becomes essential to know your instincts before you decide to paint your bedroom warm. For those who have a liking for warm colors, choose a single wall which can be painted red, orange or yellow, instead of painting the entire room. The wall which receives ample sunlight or the one in front of the bed should be the ideal choice. Display your new LCD or an enlarged photograph of your family on the wall to make it all the more vibrant and appealing.
Liven Up The Living Room
Well, the name says it all. When you call a room living room, you know what to do. Brighten it up with the warm colors, so that not only can you sit there comfortably and read your newspaper, but also make the guests feel immensely comfortable and relaxed. Shades, like burnt orange, amber and autumn red on the walls when combined with bright orange to dark brown colored furniture gives a classy aura to the room. The fact that you can deck up these colored walls very efficiently with simple and classy wall hangings and other decorations is only one of the benefits arising out of warm colors.
The Chic Kitchens
Kitchen is a homemaker’s habitat. Women spend more than half of their lives baking in front of the kitchen stove and making delicacies for the rest of the family. Painting the kitchen in brilliant colors is the least that can be done for them. And warm colors are the “pick of the day” when considering something like that. The best colors to be considered for the kitchen are yellow ochre or olive green, although autumn red and fiery orange also are good options. Not only do these colors make the kitchen appear a lot cozier but they also make it look clean and un-cluttered.
Some More Tips
  • While warm colors work wonders for the walls, you wouldn’t want your house to become a block of red, orange or even yellow. So make sure that your ceiling is of a lighter shade. A ceiling which is done in lighter shade would complement the overall look. Stay away from experimental color combinations.
  • The most common and most popular warm colors are red, orange and yellow, but you can always go ahead and experiment reasonably.
  • If paint is not your idea of fun, then you can always opt for wallpapers for rooms and tiles for kitchen.
  • Generally, paint shops provide small samples of the paint. Make sure you test the paint beforehand rather than buying an entire new batch.

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