As and when you eliminate certain colors, choosing colors for a kitchen becomes easy. Read out some general rules to choose kitchen colors.

Choosing Colors For A Kitchen

While being at home, we spend a considerable time in kitchen and this gastronomic zone is as important as any other room. Since we are talking about choosing colors for kitchen, you must know that there are no set rules to choose kitchen colors and it is just a matter of your choice. The moment you eliminate what you do not want, there will be limited colors to choose from. For that reason, check out the given ways to give your kitchen a color, that it deserves.
For Small Spaced Kitchens
If your kitchen has less space, avoid using dark timbers and colors because they will give the impression of smaller space. Thus, don’t prefer colors, like red, purple, blue and green. Instead seek light colors or whites with a shade of blue, green or yellow. Prefer simple, unadorned cabinets to steer clear of clutter.  
For Standard Spaced Kitchen
With such kitchen, you’re safe as you can use whatever color you want. Obviously it must correspond with your home décor. Lighting is one thing to look for. A kitchen, where natural light or planned arrangements are easily accessible, bright colors look better. While light colors appear good in poor lighting conditions.
For Outdoor Kitchens
First of all, check out the plantings you have and accordingly, try to add bright colors to contrast. Like, with more of red flowers you can adjoin a purple panel at the back, simply to emphasize more on the flowers and greenery. Add bright colored cushions to outdoor sitting room. Never use black no matter what style of kitchen you’ve. In case you’ve any doubts, prefer using neutrals and layer progressively. Add more of color till the time you get your desired look.
For Large & Open Plan Spaced Kitchens
Prefer not making exact contrast in color to rest of your home décor unless you want your kitchen to lead the living space. Select a color that goes with the open plan. Usually for open plan living, one color is chosen though small variations define different areas. White is largely used for such places, however, colors and textures bring about changes. 

Mottled, textured neutrals, whites, grays, black and silver metallics and materials like granite, laminates, stainless steel, and tiles, are largely used for open plan kitchens. Whites and soft metallic gray go really well with stainless steel appliances, giving a modern and sleek look to the kitchen. So, keeping these general rules in mind, color your dream kitchen!

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