Faucets serve functional as well as ornamental function in the kitchen. Read on to know about the various types of kitchen faucets.

Kitchen Faucets

Keeping in mind the kind of work that is done inside a kitchen, kitchen faucets comprise of one of its key elements. They are used mainly as a valve for controlling the release of water. A kitchen faucet doles out water, hot as well as cold, which is used for the purpose of washing hands or objects, such as food and dishes. Apart from serving their basic functions, faucets also add an ornamental value to your kitchen. Before deciding on the type of faucets you want for your kitchen, it is better to get complete information on them and then determine as to which style suits you the most.
Types of Kitchen Faucets
There are basically two types of faucets used in the kitchen. 
  • Single-handle Faucet: In this case, there is one lever or knob that often forms a part of the spout and controls hot as well as cold water.
  • Two-handle Faucet: This type of kitchen faucet has the spout as well as both the valves combined on a single base unit.
  • Widespread Faucet:  Widespread Faucet has all the three items - hot-water valve, cold-water valve and spout, mounted separately. 
There was a time where a faucet had different handles and spouts for hot and cold water. However, in the present scenario, all the faucets have mixing valves, where hot and cold water are mixed and delivered through a single spout.
Choosing Kitchen Faucets
There are a number of facts that you should take into consideration before buying faucets for your kitchen. 
  • The main aspects that come into play while deciding the type of kitchen faucet you want to buy are your preference and budget.
  • The next thing that you need to consider is the sink or the counter for the faucet and the hole provided. Kitchens usually have 8-inch center or single hole, made for single-handle faucets. For widespread, single-lever and centerset faucets, you will require vanity or pedestal sinks.
  • If you want an instant hot-water spout, a soap dispenser, a sprayer, or the like, you will require a sink that has holes to accommodate all these.
  • While a single-control faucet looks very contemporary, widespread faucet is more flexible. However, the latter is also more costly.
  • Another factor that you should keep in mind is the 'reach'. For example, a high arc faucet looks good, but has limited reach across the sink basin.
  • You will also have to make sure that the faucets match the overall décor of your kitchen. While faucets in a vintage look suit traditional cabinetry, contemporary faucets work best with sleek cabinetry.
  • Kitchen faucets are available in a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, chrome, nickel, brass and copper. Stainless steel and chrome give a sleek and contemporary look, while nickel and brass can be given an antiqued finish.

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